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Found 5 results

  1. 1. Add to UI ability to select the target directory of the torrent download on the main BitTorrent page. Place dropdown for directory specification to right of "Add Feed" as "optional Add Directory" 2. Currently this capability exist via: > BitTorrent > Preferences > Directories > Put new downloads in: > selector for directory -OR- > BitTorrent > Preferences > Directories > Move completed downloads to: > selector for directory 3. The ability exists to specify the download directory. However, this must be specified for each specific torrent BitTorrent v 7.4.3 (43797) on macOS v Sierra v 10.12.6 Thank you, t
  2. I changed the drive letter where all my downloads and torrents are stored, which required using 'set download location' to relocate the files. My problem is now I'm getting error "Can't open .torrent file (old location)". The only way I could get this to work was delete the missing torrent file, then re-add the torrent without starting it, then force re-check. Love the software, but it would be really great if you were able to change the directories for all your torrents at once.
  3. Something went awry with BitTorrent and it reset 'automaticly load .torrent files from' to a different directory. I have reset the path to where the completed .torrent files are but I get an error message 'unable to load torrent' citing the previous directory path. How do I get BitTorrent to re-seed the torrent files?
  4. Hi, uTorrent installs in “C:\Users\NRL\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent” I would like to install it in either Program Files or Program Files (x86) Can you give us users the option to choose the installation directory? NRL
  5. I have a Linkstation 420 NAS with BitTorrent built in. When going to the preferences I am unsure what and where I am supposed to set my files to go. I have noticed that there are an 'active' and 'torrent_files' folders in the BitTorrent folder. Which of these should I be using for; " Put new downloads in" "Move completed downloads to" "Store torrents in" "move torrents for finished jobs to" and what is best practice for the final files. I'm open to suggestions Thanks Torbs