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Found 4 results

  1. With the android client, a person can download multiple files within a folder sequentially, in that when you select to download sequentially, the first file will download without buffering the rest. This goes on until the last file is downloaded. On PC, the BitTorrent client prefers to buffer all the files before downloading in sequence once you select "prioritize by file order". This doesn't help much since the first file takes longer to download since it has to wait for the rest of the files to buffer. I think you should include the option where each file strictly downloads before the rest instead of prioritizing them like on mobile clients... or just keep both features.
  2. Hi There For some or other reason all my pre-loaded rss feeds are not refreshing or downloading any new episodes. I get the url from showRSS and have never had an issue in the past. Not sure what has changed, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why it isn't working anymore. Please advise?
  3. Greetings, all BitTorrent fanatics and gurus. I'm having trouble downloading a torrent, and I don't understand why. The torrent appears to have multiple seeds, yet the availability, and hence the download, is stuck at 0.971. The torrent in question is "Safe.House.S01.1080p.BluRay.x264-KEEPERS[rartv]" (the one shown on top in the screenshot). As can be seen in this torrent's Trackers tab, its Peer Exchange row lists 5 seeds and 117 peers, and its Distributed Hash Table (DHT) row lists 4 seeds and 58 peers. Thus, I'm surprised and baffled that the torrent's availability remains (and has always been) only 0.971. How can this be? The BitTorrent User Manual's glossary defines a seed as "A peer with 100% of the data in the torrent contents." 100%—Doesn't this mean that even a single seed would provide a torrent access to everything it needs to reach full (1.000) availability? Perhaps I'm missing something? Please, BitTorrenters who know more than I, help me understand, or even better, let me know if there's something I can do to get the final bit (pun intended!) of this torrent downloaded. Thank you!
  4. I've been using BT clients since the 90's, I have a WD 8 TB, 5 months old, that has been working like a champ, my Downloads Folder vanished and all data in it. the last thing I did was a scan for malware with Dr. Cleaner because I was getting fake virus alerts I wanted to purge. the drive is exFat formatted and I usually run it on an iMac 3.2Ghz Quad, Sierra 10.12.3, it mounts but that Folder is gone. I cannot see any data on my Win10 laptop although the WD Utils can see it and unlock it. This is just insane...I'm sending the drive back after I buy another drive to back up 6 TB of critical data that I must double back-up on land & cloud. I've tried Data Recovery software and it cannot find a trace of it so far...scanning for quite a while. I had another external that was also bumped off that I finally got back up (long story). I'm convinced the Dr. Cleaner might have been the culprit. I think I deleted 66 MB, over 1 TB is missing. I can paste the contents of the Etrecheck file if anyone is interested, the guy that helped me said to delete all BTs, Lil snitch, ExVPN, all of my necessary cloaking implements & fun sw. that ain't gonna' happen, but I'll never use the iMac for DL's again. I've been up for 2 days with maybe 6 hours of sleep. Too old for this. Thanks to anyone that can comment or relate a similar experience. WD's support page is wall to wall "my drive/folders/files disappeared". that Smartware is junk and does nothing but cause problems.
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