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Found 8 results

  1. I've been using BT clients since the 90's, I have a WD 8 TB, 5 months old, that has been working like a champ, my Downloads Folder vanished and all data in it. the last thing I did was a scan for malware with Dr. Cleaner because I was getting fake virus alerts I wanted to purge. the drive is exFat formatted and I usually run it on an iMac 3.2Ghz Quad, Sierra 10.12.3, it mounts but that Folder is gone. I cannot see any data on my Win10 laptop although the WD Utils can see it and unlock it. This is just insane...I'm sending the drive back after I buy another drive to back up 6 TB of critical data that I must double back-up on land & cloud. I've tried Data Recovery software and it cannot find a trace of it so far...scanning for quite a while. I had another external that was also bumped off that I finally got back up (long story). I'm convinced the Dr. Cleaner might have been the culprit. I think I deleted 66 MB, over 1 TB is missing. I can paste the contents of the Etrecheck file if anyone is interested, the guy that helped me said to delete all BTs, Lil snitch, ExVPN, all of my necessary cloaking implements & fun sw. that ain't gonna' happen, but I'll never use the iMac for DL's again. I've been up for 2 days with maybe 6 hours of sleep. Too old for this. Thanks to anyone that can comment or relate a similar experience. WD's support page is wall to wall "my drive/folders/files disappeared". that Smartware is junk and does nothing but cause problems.
  2. Antivirus being what it is quite often removes executable files from downloads after they've been completed. I came across this problem today whereby I had to re-check a torrent over 20GB in size in order to re-download a single 3MB executable which as you can imagine took some time. Is there any way a re-check for individual files would be possible to implement? I understand the torrent structure is split into 'pieces' rather than the files themselves, but aren't those pieces identifiable in order to request their download again? Thanks in advance, Ryan
  3. Hello there, bittorrent forum. I tried searching for a similar topic, but to no avail. I was wondering if you are planning to add a feature which would automatically show a Download bar of the torrents which are currently being downloaded. Like, before you close (minimize) the BitTorrent window, instead of clicking on every single download to show the download bar to see the progress, instead of that would it be possible to implement a feature which would automatically show the download bar for the downloading torrents when BitTorrent is minimized?
  4. So, I've been using Bit Torrent for... actually, maybe about three years now that I think about it (Moving on, before the fact that I've spent three years using one application, baffles me into incoherence) and I do apologize if anything you find in this post... distasteful to your good sense of proper file sharing (You'll get what I mean) See the Disclaimer. DISCLAIMER: The only reason I know how to use Bit Torrent, is because I asked a friend to walk me through it and knowing how incapable I am with technology (If I were to describe my skill, without aid, in finding or using applications and services online (Like Steam and all that jazz) I wouldn't say I'm on the same level as a vegetable, but I am at the grandparent level; pretty much useless) he wrote me a double-side looseleaf (and went into crazy detail, he really packed the words onto that page) with instructions, so again, if I'm doing something horribly wrong, (I asked Reddit a few weeks ago, an answer or two popped up and the rest was scorn for how I used Bit Torrent) Please, correct me on the errors of my ways and that alone may be enough to solve whatever issues I may be having. So, really, knowing so little about what I'm doing and just following my buddy's instructions, this is probably going to be the short part of my cry for help. I've rarely ever had problems with Bit Torrent in the past, but as of late, I have been having trouble getting downloads to simply start and when they do, the down and upload speed very quickly shrivel and die, blowing away in the wind. It's been nearly a month now since I've been able to get a single torrent up to 60% before it shit out on me. So, as far as I can tell you, HONESTLY, this is the problem I'm having and I have no deeper knowledge for the cause. I'll be checking back every couple hours of the day, so if you need to know something or post something so you can see the issue for yourself, I can. Just please remember, I'm just two-steps short of being brain-dead when it comes to this stuff, so please be very detailed and patient with me. Otherwise, we'll both just end up frustrated. I appreciate all the help I may receive and to those of you who figure out the issues I'm having, I offer blessings by the hundred fold (DISCLAIMER 2: I am in no way politically, religiously or economically licensed to offer or give out "Real" blessings, but I'll see if I can pull some strings for you kind people) Gratefully yours, Wesley Robert Simpson
  5. For some reason recently, it seems I BitTorrent has trouble finalizing and completing downloads. Just when 3, 2, 1 secs and flash green "finished" occurs, more time is added suddenly. For example, I was working with a 300 mb file. Lots of 100% users. It finally showed a few seconds left, when suddenly 2 full days were added. It quickly changed to 1 hour, then 10 minutes, down to the wire again, and wala, 10 hours was added. What in the world is going on?
  6. So...I installed 7.9 the other day. Got rid of the annoying adds etc and now I have come across what is probably the most annoying god damn thing ever!!! If I start a torrent for download and I then start a whole load of new ones...if I want to move the torrent up the queue I click on it to highlight it then click the move up queue arrow - Problem is the torrent then un-highlights itself so I have to go and click on it again and then click move...and on goes this very very very F*$&%# annoying process!!! Anyone else had this???
  7. I want Bittorrent to stop downloading completely when I'm using the internet. For example if I'm on firefox and its loading a page or video. I want it to stop downloading. The Global Rate limit options has something like that but, it only stops it; when I move my mouse or press a key. I want it to be smart enough to know when another program is using the internet and stop completely.
  8. Hey there all. I recently got EMobiles pocket wifi for my devices. I cant seem to download with it however. Im using a Macbook Pro and using Vuze and Bitorrent downloaders. Everytime i go to DL, Vuze opens however downloading never commences. It says theres no seeds and no peers. Its definately an active file however. Anyone have any clues why? Ive googled but come up short.