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Found 27 results

  1. A few people have posted about these issues, but nothing I've tried so far from other posts has worked. After updating, torrents stopped showing up on the torrent job list (I also stopped having the dialogue box open when I would start a new torrent). They didn't show up in the "Hidden" list until I would exit BT and then start it up again. When they did appear there, they are listed with "Error: Can't open .torrent file." I would try force re-check and opening the torrent file again, but that made no difference. Sometimes when I would remove and restart the torrent, it wouldn't even show up on the hidden list; otherwise I would have the same problems all over again. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling BT, but that's about all I know to do.
  2. I am running Bittorrent 7.10 build 43917. Two week ago I had a problem where BT would not see the D drive on my system and said something to the effect of volume not mountable. Although the drive was mountable and I could see the files, BT would not download anything. After several reboots I thought this issue was resolved. Tonight I get Error: Can't open torrent file: path and file name. I am fairly new at this BT thing but know systems. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have attached a screen shot. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I'm running BitTorrent 7.9.1 build 30739 and recently I got this error message for two torrents "Error : Former volume not mounted" Associated files are located on an external hard drive ... like others for which everything works fine ... I first try to "Relocate" each files and it works but then after I stop / restart BitTorrent this error always re-appears and now I can't just fix it with a relocation I use "Force Re-check" (OK and I can see the files using "Open containing folder") but when I start the torrent I always get this same error message Can anyone help me on this ? Thx in advance
  4. I get this error randomly on some of my downloads. I can go days, or even weeks without it happening. If i click on one of them, and click the 'download' button, they restart, but dies anyone know what this happens? It's not always the same files, and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to when it happens and to which files. My client is running on a Hyper-V Win10 x64 Pro if that makes any difference, and the drive it's saving to is a drive that is a 'network share', it's a drive that physically in the same computer, but connects to the client machine through a network share via the Hyper-V switch.
  5. I started the program just to find out that all the files I was downloading/had already downloaded were gone from the torrent list (the files are still on my pc) and I can't recover it even with the resume.dat... I really need help urgent!
  6. I have a bunch of finished torrents which I don't keep in their download destination, instead I move them onto discs. My problem occured when I wanted to move their .torrent files into a different location. When I did so I got this error message in their status box: "Error: Can't open .torrent file: <path>". I used "Completed" folder as a denstination for the .torrent files. And so when I moved them back into place and restarted bittorrent I still have the same status only to have the Completed status reset for some reason. As I mentioned I keep the actual data on discs, so I use bittorrent list of torrents to find the files I need by the dates the torrents have finished. Is that some type of bug? And, how should I relocate .torrent files safely? Thank you.
  7. Project maelstrom download link not working I have tried with almost every browser but no luck. I get the error with chrome No matching rule with Microsoft Edge HTTP 404 error That’s odd... Microsoft Edge can’t find this page its not working.
  8. i have a lot of torrent list in 2 years ago. one day i had lost torrent file in "...AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent" but the all of the completed files list still have no problem. From that time on, i use Bittorrent all day by peace. Until in one day, i try to set a new torrent path. afterthat many of list is corrupt. when i try to make it back it not work anymore. i have old backup of resume.dat when it stil clean. But cant find a many of torrent. I just need bittorent just ignore for check the torrent error list because i need to collect the history that i had download. it's easy for find it. please help!
  9. Hello. I have recently transferred content from one macbook air to another and so also my torrents in progress as well as the bittorrent was transferred as well. In the first attached pic these are files which have been downloaded to an extent but not completely and the bittorrent doesn't read these files as more than one of them have again started their download display from 0%. the second pic shows the type of warnings i get on my torrents. please help me fix this problem as i am unable to download anything. any help is appreciated. there was no such problem previously.
  10. I went to download this today,[ChingL and after I first tried to add it, BitTorrent said it needed to update. So I did the update, and then when it was finished, it hadn't added the torrent. I went back to the website and tried adding it again and it only brings up a message saying "The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?" with Yes or No options below. It doesn't do anything when I hit either option, and my torrent list is completely empty. I tried looking in the BitTorrent files for a cache to delete or something of that nature, but didn't find anything.
  11. Ok guys, I am brand new to downloading. So I know practically nothing. I am having trouble downloading something. I almost completely downloads, then Bam! the green bar turns red and It says Error: The process can not access the file because it is being used by another process It has done that with two different downloads of the same thing. Would do I need to do to fix this? Sorry if this was already brought up before. Thanks for your help.
  12. Hi, I've been having this problem over and over. I uninstall it, and re-install it and sometimes it works and sometimes not. I have restarted the computer every time and nothing. It happens also with other Torrents softwares, not only BitTorrent. I also re-download the setup.exe or the torrent files to open them with the BitTorrent. I've read some topics but haven't solve the problem so far. I'm the only one using this notebook, one user only (admin, of course), don't have any virus, malware, spyware, nothing. It started failing yesterday. Thanks!!
  13. Hi! Ever since I got the new PC and installed bittorrent I've been getting this error every time I try to add a torrent file: Translation would be: 'Unable to load "HTA": unknown error!'. and then the client crashes (same thing with uTorrent). I have no idea what it could be, cleaned registry with CCleaner and still nothing... Any clue? Win7 64bit latest version of bittorrent
  14. I was trying to delete a file that I used BitTorrent to download it. I did opened up BitTorrent program to check the file(or torrent) but it wasn't anywhere on the list. I tried to delete the file manually but I can't. I tried to uninstall BitTorrent and reinstall again. But it still the same despite the present of BitTorrent. But then I realized I had 2 BitTorrent working in the system. The first BitTorrent works perfectly fine, currently without any downloads or torrent listed. The second I found out was by opening up Notification Area Icons. I was shocked knowing I had two BitTorrent icon on the listed.That second BitTorrent had one file currently downloading! That undeleted file must be cause by that second BitTorrent! I was unable to open that second BitTorrent except the updated first working BitTorrent with no downloads. I did shut downed my computer more than twice but is still there! Please help me! I tried almost everything to fix that problem but didn't seem to find any solution! P.S: Both BitTorrent are 7.9.3 The icon on the bar one works perfectly fine. But the one on the list is not.
  15. Hi, So as of lately, I noticed that bitTorrent was giving me issues on torrents. About 3-4 weeks ago, it was working perfectly fine. Today, it won't let me torrent anything. I've tried to torrent 3 different sources and files, but none of them could be opened. I read other's issues on this and checked my directory. I tried setting them to different locations and even disabled them (checkboxes), but the issue still persisted. Here is my directory if you need it and please help. Thank you.
  16. Hello! How I can load huge torrent file? 25 MB. Example: [REMOVED] Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit BT 7.9.3 (bulid 40299) And This magnet link does not work: 400 GB magnet:[REMOVED]
  17. On bittorent mobile, whenever i download something after a while it will stop and show a red exclamation point, it usually stops at a few megabytes. What can i do to fix this?
  18. This may seem like a simple and easy thing to solve, but I would appreciate any help or feedback. My BitTorrent worked without problems for over a year and a half, now suddenly, it is tending to automatically shut down the program while the PC is idle. I have no auto-shut down setting configured, I have BitTorrent set to automatically start-up during PC start up, and I have uninstalled, and re installed the program to no avail. When trying to download an 8GB game, and my BitTorrent just stops downloading every hour, its going to take weeks where it use to take overnight. Please help me, I really have no clue what to do. Simple explanations would be appreciated, as I am somewhat a n00b. Thank you
  19. So I've been using bitTorrent for years and its been amazing. All i download are books but here lately the last 2 weeks everything i try to download goes immediately red and tells "Error: Invalid download state, try resuming" or something similar. I even tried to re-download something i already had downloaded to see if it was just mt tablet being silly and it does this with everything or just sits there saying its pending for hours doing nothing. I just got a new phone and put it on there thinking it must be the tablet and my phone is doing the same thing.
  20. I've never had this problem before and I've been using torrents for a while. For the past few days, none of the torrents I've tried have been downloading. When I checked in the trackers tab, the status is "Tracker reply has no peers field". I haven't changed any settings at all. This happened across multiple torrents. How can I fix this? I have switched ISP's lately, but it's been a while and this problem only started a few days ago. What could be the problem? Please help.
  21. Kind of a newb question here so excuse me ahead of time.... lol I'm trying to allow the things I've downloaded to continue seeding but if I change the name of the download destination's file, it turns the seeding banner red on the client (7.9.1) and displays "Error: The system cannotblahblahblah". Obviously, I can ensure I have my destination folders setup and named to how I want them beforehand but how can I fix this problem after downloading but continue seeding and contributing? =) I also notice that it asks me to re-check these files. However, when I right click and do this, it goes into downloading again, which is not what I want. - J
  22. I have spend countless hours this week trying to figure out how to get decent download speeds but I just cant figure it out, it seems as though I cannot open the ports. I am not an expert with computers, but I have decent common sense. Can anyone help me figure it out? This is what I did: Went into Windows Firewall and added rules to allow BitTorrent Followed a couple Youtube vids about how to set optimal settings for BitTorrent (including seting port to 45682 and going into preferences/advanced to tweak some settings) ***this along with step 1. improved my download speed from 1-5kb/s to 40kb/sSet my IPv4 IP to Static which I found after running cmd ipconfig/allWent into my router and forwarded the following ports that were recommended (45682, 11136, 11092,12821) ***on a side note, this week I successfully forwarded ports to play Call of Duty Ghosts which changed my NAT type from Strict to Open.In my router under security I checked Disabled for Block Anonymous Internet Requests Notes After doing step 4 (port forward) my download speeds went back down to 1-7kb/s.My internet speed is 5mb/sDownloaded PFportchecker by and it says that port 45682 for my IP address is CLOSED.When using bit torrent I sometimes momentarily see a green check-mark indicating that it is configured properly, however after a couple of seconds it automatically changes to the orange triangle with exclamation (!). Im dont think this has anything to do with it but when I set my IP to static (step 3) I set my DNS to and (google)What am I missing or doing wrong?
  23. My download speed suddenly slow'd down from 360kb/s to 5kb/s-10kb/s. I don't know why. >I checked the seeds of that torrent and I saw that the seeds are pretty high & less leechers My speedtest result:
  24. I was prompted the other day to update my current version of BitTorrent 7.8 with the latest version and all its fixes. I click OK...then a couple of minutes later I get a message back telling me that there was a problem downloading the language file and to try again later. I keep trying again and I've tried several times over the past 3 days but just keep getting the same message which aborts the download. I've searched online but I haven't found a solution...yet. 1. Does anyone have a solution or workaround for this problem? 2. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?
  25. Hey, I've been successfully using BitTorrent for almost a year without a single mishap however since I've switched to Avast Antivirus I have been getting a BSOD between 2-10 minutes after I begin a download on either BitTorrent itself or uTorrent. I was simply wondering whether it's possible for these two programs to conflict in a way to cause this Blue screen. Hopefully I'll get a response soon