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Found 5 results

  1. I'e been having this issue with several torrents for some weeks now. Even though the files end up fully downloaded, some tracks end abruptly passing on to the next one. This has been happening with torrents from different websites. Any idea on how to fix the problem? Thanks
  2. What do these tracker status's mean and how do I fix them if possible? HTTP error 503, HTTP error 404, invalid URL, tracker reply has no peers field, connection timed out, and unregistered torrent.
  3. Recently I started getting lots of Adobe Flash Player actionscript errors coming from BitTorrent. I upgraded from an earlier version to the current version (7.9.2). I get a few less errors, but they are still there. Here's an example: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at flash.external::ExternalInterface$/_callIn() at Function/<anonymous>() It appears that when one of these errors comes up the program stops downloading and uploading. I do a fair amount of programming in AS3, these errors can be dealt with with proper code. Am I doing something wrong? Or are there problems in the program? It looks like the ads might be the cause.
  4. I recently received an upgrade offer (maybe 2 weeks ago) from BitTorrent and naively accepted and installed it without finishing or backing up my current torrents. I DID HOWEVER, Close BitTorrent before the upgrade. Well, of course, it crashed all my running torrents, and then said "cant open .torrent file" for every torrent in my list, including finished and seeding torrents. So I said O.K. my ignorance, and copied all torrent files from their original location to a backup folder, then trash canned all torrents and started over. BUT NOW EVERY TIME I CLOSE BITTORRENT OR RESTART MY COMPUTER, I GET THE SAME ERROR. As long as I keep BitTorrent open, or just go to Sleep mode, all is well, and torrents work fine. But if I merely close BitTorrent, the next time I open it, ALL torrents show "can't open .torrent file" WITH THE PATH SHOWING CORRECTLY TO WHERE THE TORRENT FILES ARE ! . I've checked the path, and it is correct, but BitTorrent can't find it's own files Every Time I Re-open It. Can Someone Please Help Me ? ?
  5. Hi fellows, I'm using the android App and the torrent stops and ask to recheck, how can I do it on Android? Tahanks in advance
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