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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! How I can load huge torrent file? 25 MB. Example: [REMOVED] Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit BT 7.9.3 (bulid 40299) And This magnet link does not work: 400 GB magnet:[REMOVED]
  2. BitTorrent needs a batch move function urgently. If I have a directory full of files that are still in process, and if I want or need to move that directory and its content to another location on that drive or to another drive, I can select all the files but each file prompts for the destination individually. If there are fifty files that can result in a total pain in the ass. BitTorrent should know that when multiple files are selected, all those files are being moved to the same place and act accordingly. Or, if it cannot be made that smart, at least put a check box or radio button on the destination prompt to say move all subsequent files to this location. Having to go through an entire directory tree for each of dozens of files is frustration to the point of wanting to punch the developer in the mouth for making it so pointlessly difficult.
  3. Kind of a newb question here so excuse me ahead of time.... lol I'm trying to allow the things I've downloaded to continue seeding but if I change the name of the download destination's file, it turns the seeding banner red on the client (7.9.1) and displays "Error: The system cannotblahblahblah". Obviously, I can ensure I have my destination folders setup and named to how I want them beforehand but how can I fix this problem after downloading but continue seeding and contributing? =) I also notice that it asks me to re-check these files. However, when I right click and do this, it goes into downloading again, which is not what I want. - J
  4. There are completed downloads that I have temporarily stopped from seeding. But when I try to start seeding again the entire download is erased. I would like to be a good citizen and do my share, but have no idea how this happens. 1. How can I restore those files and begin seeding them? 2. What can I do to prevent this in the future? I am a 60 year old grandmother so please be kind and respond with plain language. Most tech acronyms go over my head. Thanks much.
  5. i cant delete the files downloaded from torrent..its always giving a message "the file you are trying to delete is opened in another program" but that is not the case...its not in torrent window or is running anywhere ..i also closed all the programs by windows task manager but its still not helping..and the worst part is its just not 1 file..several files are giving me the same problem..and these files are specifically downloaded from torrent only..plz help
  6. Why incomplete torrent data files take full space ?.... I mean ..... if it finishes 5MB of 700MB(for example) .......... shouldn't it take only 5MB or a little bit more for other information ..... but why it takes the whole 700MB?