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Found 3 results

  1. Stuck at 0% finding peers or connecting to peers (Tracking Tab Info) DHT; Local Peer Discovery: Peer Exchange: all Status of NOT ALLOWED (although both Windows Defender and Norton Security have the programs allowed)
  2. Hey guys. I'm a new bee. can anyone please help me....it just started whenever I try to download something from extra Torren it's keep saying "finding peers". how do I handle this situation??? I would really appreciate...
  3. hi , we have 3 computers at home, mine cant run bittorent properly , meaning that it gets stucked on "finding peers 0.0%" the 2 other computers work properly with bittorrent , i use the same directories on each computer ( C:\users\smith\downlods ) the problem appeared after i wiped out all the files in the directory , i uninstalled / reinstalled bittorent , shutdown and restarted computer , using ctrlG and test gives same answer on the 3 computers , i read the similar questions on forum , the common answer is that the issue is on the torrent , but of course i can download the file on the 2 other computers , but not mine dont know what to do anymore , if someone can help ? regards
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