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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. WIN 8 - Bitorrent 7.9.3 (Build 40101) 32-bit I am somewhat familiar with what the FLAGS mean, but i am wondering if there is a detailed description of what each flag means & how to fix the problems. BASICALLY, I' trying to download a 100+ GB set of files.. So far i'm at 71% Now, I regularly see online a few peers with 100% of the files, but they have a "d" flag (not downloading to me) SOME of these peers also have a S (snubbed) flag. I am active /online & want to download from them. But for some reason i cant. From what i have googled, There is not much we can do as most of the functions are internal to the bittorrent client. I also see other users having 30%, or 40% of the files (i have over 70%) - but they have a 'u' flag (stopping me uploading to them). Now - I may or may not have the same 40% files, but i do know I have more files than they do. So what is preventing my computer sending files to them ? Now - Ive got no restrictions on uploading. & have dozens of other torrents. My nett upload is 80-100Kbs Is there a faq page somewhere to resolve these 'common' issues - about what to check & why they will stop uploading/downloading. EDIT: my 'upload' speed ahs now dropped to 2kbs - there are plenty of people online now needing my files). I am SEEDING (100%) on all my other torrents, This 1 torrent is very big, & is taking forever to obtain in full.
  2. hi, i am using bittorrent since 2 years by now. but i have noticed that although bittorrent is connected to those peers and seeders that have an "s" in their flags like DS, Ds ihxep, dsp etc as shown in the peers tab in bittorrent , but it does not download from them a thing. what is meaning of the flags shown against such peers , and how to download from them , as sometime they are the only peer or seeder available can anyone help?