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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Can we have ability to rename the folder within Sync? For example: PersonA syncs 'Desktop' across his devices. PersonB shares 'Desktop' with PersonA Person A on another devices that has not been setup syncing yet, sees 'Desktop' twice, he has no idea if 'Desktop' is from PersonA or PersonB. I would be nice to be able rename the 'Desktop' from PersonA to something like "PersonA's Desktop", and PersonB's Desktop to "PersonB's Desktop" Makes sense? Thanks, Mike
  2. BitTorrent doesn't make a new folder for a new torrent, for example if I download an album with 10 songs, it wont make a folder with the album title and put the songs inside. Instead, everything that should be inside the folder will just be put in my downloads folder. Anyone knows how to fix this?
  3. Hi there, I'm having an issue with my completed downloads. It used to be that all files contained within the original folder (let's say a music album) would download as one unit and be saved in the original folder (so the songs within the album). For example - I downloaded an album by a certain artist, and it has 13 mp3s in the folder. The download finishes, I remove from the BitTorrent list, and I go looking for it in my Music folder, but instead of saving as one folder - it has saved all the songs separately as a bunch of mp3s that are now scattered within my music folder. I have had BitTorrent for years and it didn't used to act this way. I would download an album, and it would save as one album. Easy peasy. What can I do to fix this issue? It's frustrating trying to search for artists within a music folder that has thousands of songs. I prefer to save my music by the album, or at the least - artist name. Thanks.