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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, are there any bit-torrent geeks who have intimate knowledge of the HASH process which takes places when a torrent is created? For example how the file is broken into 256k (or other size) chunks, and the hash is used to protect the file contents. I am looking for someone who may be on the developer level, who I can bounce some ideas off of which I think may be a great addition to the technology. I am a storage (SAN/NAS) expert and based on my knowledge of ZFS filesystems and "dedup" I have thought of ways to possibly incorporate this into bit torrent tech. I would like to discuss to solidify the idea and understand what sort of obstacles I may encounter. If anyone is available I would much appreciate it! - brainphreak
  2. Consider the following scenario A TV show now in the public domain is difficult to find.Members of a group share episodes as they are found.Over time an entire season is found.A torrent is made for that seasonAt this time there are many members of the group who have partial copies of the season, and many members seeding partial copies of the season. Members with partial copies may not easily switch to the aggregated torrent, because they must move existing files into the correct folder with the correct name. Instead the client should be able to re-map an existing file to a new torrent. In order to reduce entropy clients and trackers should be able to combine such obviously related files into a single meta-info. The tracker should be able to rendezvous members of both the fragmented torrents and the aggregate torrent. To do this two things need to happen. The metainfo file must have the optional md5 field supplied The torrent protocol must support requests by md5 e.g. $_GET["wantMD5"] Then clients would be able to create collections of data from various sources, and trackers could more efficiently provide seeds.
  3. I have been downloading large torrents recently and whenever I restart bittorrent these torrents go in the "checking" mode, which can last for several hours for torrents over 100GB. Is there a way to modify the "skip hash check" setting for existing torrents?
  4. Hello, moving files after creating and uploading a share does not seem to work. I propose 1) For each file in a share create a fingerprint/hash (MD5, SHA1 ...) 2) Under suitable criteria scan the share 3) If a structural change has been made: 3.1) Move files to a tmp dir 3.2) Create the new directory structure 3.3) Use fingerprints to identify already uploaded files that has been moved, mv from tmp dir 3.4) Delete unidentified files 3.5) UL/DL new content PS: Love this program. Seems to be some issues with version compatibility and firewall stuff, other than that great work! :-)