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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Recently I got a new 1 Mbps internet connection and almost on all torrents I was getting speeds upto 4 Mbps. However, just three days back, I dont know what happened but for nearly all my torrents, my speed seemed to have been locked at 130kbps except for today when I tried to download a game where it went upto 2.5 Mbps for half an hour but then again came back to the same speed. I have tried torrents with 1500+ seeds and also torrents with seed/peer ratio is around 7-15. Can someone please help me out? Thanks in advance.
  2. My torrents have worked for about 2 weeks and have downloaded fine, but a few days ago, whenever i try to download a torrent, it always stays stuck at connecting to peers. Sometimes it goes to Downloading... 0.0%, but then it goes back immediately to connecting to peers. I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security.
  3. Ive been using Bittorrent for awhile without issue but this previous week my DL speed has shot down to nearly nonexistent. my normal DL speed is around 5 MB/S. i currently am trying to download a few torrents each with over 100 seeders and less than 20 seeders total but my speeds are sitting steady at 20 KB/S. my link Please help as i have no idea what changed to make my DL speeds plummet
  4. in English: Hello everyone. Open this post to see if I can find a solution to this problem. When I open the Bittorrent a few seconds I drop my internet connection. Never before had passed and I do not know why it can be. I use version 7.9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In spanish ( my language): Hola a todos. Abrir este post para ver si puedo encontrar una solución a este problema . Cuando abro el Bittorrent a unos pocos segundos se me cae la conexión a Internet. Nunca antes había pasado y yo nose porque puede ser. Utilizo la versión 7.9
  5. Hello, When downloading torrents with BitTorrent i will lose my internet connection completely after few minutes. I have to reset my modum-router completely and wait for a new connection. When having a connection, downloading and surfing at the same time is in fact impossible (very very slow). Possibly it has something to so with settings. Anybody there to advice? Thanks for tips! Walter (I am a "starter" !!)
  6. Hi, recently I've had a huge decrease in download speeds, and I've no idea why. Here is my result on speedtest: I'm currently downloading my torrents in KiB/s, and these are torrents with decent amounts of seeders, too. Here's a screenshot: I've no idea what caused this...any advice/troubleshooting tips?
  7. My internet speed is 9.7mbps but bittorrent does not provide such speed. It is giving less than 150/kbsec to 180kb/sec. My friends always tell me that they have a 4mbps connection and their client always give them more than 400kb/sec. Sometimes my internet does not works properly and becomes very slow so the bittorrent gives just 0.1kb, 0.2kb or just 1kb/sec. But, when my internet works fast and works perfectly, then even bittorrent is just on 170kb/sec. What is this problem? You might be thinking that I have been downloading huge size like 10GB or 15GB something but I don't download anything more than 700MB. Still the speed is 170kb/sec even when my internet speed is fast. Remember my internet speed is 9.6mbps. Thankyou and please look forward to my query and solve my issue. Please!