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Found 6 results

  1. Yeah okay so I try installing this, and then my antivirus tells me that this bloody OpenCandy garbage is built in. Any way to get it so it doesn't have that garbage in it?
  2. Today, 9/17/2014, I, a ComCast customer, attempted to update my free BitTorrent client to the latest version. The antivirus ComCast uses, Norton Security Suite, however, marked the BitTorrent.exe install file as "Unsafe" (as containing malware "WSReputation.1"), and then deleted it. NOTE: The BitTorrent download page unfortunately doesn't state the version of the software being downloaded. And since the install file is deleted by Norton and the program can't be installed, I can't determine the version number, and so I cannot give that here. Norton (Symantec) has a site wherein one can submit for review files believed to be wrongly marked as unsafe: But since the file is deleted by Norton on my machine, I can't send it in. Does anyone have a solution? work-around? If not, I request that someone at BitTorrent send in the file to Norton. I imagine a very large number of people (ComCast customers and other Norton Security Suite users) are impacted by this. And if the file does need to be sent to Norton, will someone kindly communicate follow up in this forum thread? Thanks for any help.
  3. A few days ago I started getting my antivirus beeping to notify me that it blocked an infection. It only happens when Bittorrent is running and has become as frequent as every five minutes. The infection is listed as being from hxxp://, associated with process C:/....bittorrent.exe. Each time it has some fake address that starts with hxxp:// but the rest can be different Can anyone tell me how to stop this? No luck with malwarebytes. thanks
  4. Hi, I have a Mac running 10.6.X and when I download bit torrent software my security system warns me not to open because it contains malware (I have Intego security software). This is only the second time this has happened in four years and the other site was questionable ... can anyone help? Gary
  5. I've done a little browsing regarding the ILIVID downloader, and am finding some very disturbing reports on it's installing malware, adware, etc.. You have a responsibility to at lest make a good faith effort to ensure than products you are advertising are reputable and free of malware/adware. It hurts your credibility when you allow such product to appear on your site. I pity the poor souls who installed it without checking on it first.
  6. More and more of the downloads in the Texts section of on my favorite public domain site,, are only available as EXE files. I understand many of these have been created by torrent2exe, which makes downloading easier for those without BitTorrent installed. I am cautious about downloading and running EXE files, because of the possible risks of malware and virus. How do others view these risks? I have BitTorrent Plus installed. Does this provide me any protection? Thanks