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Found 3 results

  1. My current torrent machine is an old laptop running windows Vista. I have it set up to download the torrent data to an external drive. I want to move the whole torrent/data setup to a new PC (probably windows 10). I can see the torrent files are stored in a directory off of appdata under users. What files to I need copy from the old machine to the new (and where) to preserve the torrent information once I install bittorent on the new machine. I know I have to point to the external drive also.
  2. I am looking for a way to move certain files to specific HD or folder, by their labels, in Bittorrent. Example: files with label Music to HD X:\Music Thanks!
  3. So...I installed 7.9 the other day. Got rid of the annoying adds etc and now I have come across what is probably the most annoying god damn thing ever!!! If I start a torrent for download and I then start a whole load of new ones...if I want to move the torrent up the queue I click on it to highlight it then click the move up queue arrow - Problem is the torrent then un-highlights itself so I have to go and click on it again and then click move...and on goes this very very very F*$&%# annoying process!!! Anyone else had this???