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Found 4 results

  1. I'm a newby and all of this is a mystery to me. I have a DVD with an old personal project that was transferred to the DVD from VHS. I simply want to get it onto my PC, convert it and upload it to YouTube for friends to see. I've been told that I can use BitTorrent to transfer it to my PC, then use HandBrake to recompress it and upload it. That's all I want to do. Can someone tell me how to use BitTorrent to get the video onto my PC? What do I look for on the BT dashboard and how do I use it? Thanks!
  2. I'm new and lost. I've googled 'torrent for dummies' and I find a 7 yr old book (probably not useful in today's software. I open up Bittorrent...but where do I find the torrent files?. Do I go to a specific site? I went to, but I don't see any place to 'search'. I did succeed in starting a 'game of thrones' video, but when it went to seed, I tried opening the video and it was a different movie- not game of thrones. I'd sign up for the pro package if I could figure out how to get some results out of this.. Thanks for your patience. Lost in Los Lunas.
  3. Hey guys, I hope using this thread properly. Newbie here. So, I setup the sync client on my windows machine at work and my linux machine at home. On the linux machine, I generated my full access key and made my folder and what not. at work, I made a folder and used the same shared secret The initial sync worked. My stuff from my linux machine got moved to my windows. (the windows folder was empty) However, nothing has happened for the last 3 hours. I have added stuff to my folder at home (the linux machine) and it has not synced back here. I have also added stuff to my windows folder which has also not synced back here. How should I go about trouble shooting this. I dont see any log files associated with this tool in my /var/log folder. Thanks
  4. I am new to this a downloaded the bittorrent...... i wanted to get sims 3 with all the additions and add-ons, so i did...... but how do i get it to play for me? please i need help.........