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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have recently switched ISP from Talk Talk to Plusnet and I've had an issue since. As soon as I start the program the download speed goes up to 1.8MB/s then drops after 30 seconds to ~200-300kb/s. The only way for the speeds to return to normal is if I manually change ports within the program the speed shoots back up then drops again after about 30 seconds. I've forwarded the ports in my router and allowed the program and ports to my firewall so I'm at a loss as to why I'm having to manually change ports every 30 seconds when the speed is obviously there, I've spoken to my ISP and they told me they do not throttle anymore so that is not the issue. Hopefully you guys have some helpful tips and answers I could try, thanks in advance.
  2. Is there a way to set the listening port to a preset value? I use a VPN and the forwarded port number changes hourly (I know it sounds dumb...). I can "capture" this new port number value but would like to add it to BitTorrent automatically. Is there a way thru the WebAPI? Is there any other documentation for the WebAPI? I can't seem to get the web page to the the current settings (?action=getsettings) If there is a value for listening port that I can put into a json file and read in that might be my solution...
  3. I have spend countless hours this week trying to figure out how to get decent download speeds but I just cant figure it out, it seems as though I cannot open the ports. I am not an expert with computers, but I have decent common sense. Can anyone help me figure it out? This is what I did: Went into Windows Firewall and added rules to allow BitTorrent Followed a couple Youtube vids about how to set optimal settings for BitTorrent (including seting port to 45682 and going into preferences/advanced to tweak some settings) ***this along with step 1. improved my download speed from 1-5kb/s to 40kb/sSet my IPv4 IP to Static which I found after running cmd ipconfig/allWent into my router and forwarded the following ports that were recommended (45682, 11136, 11092,12821) ***on a side note, this week I successfully forwarded ports to play Call of Duty Ghosts which changed my NAT type from Strict to Open.In my router under security I checked Disabled for Block Anonymous Internet Requests Notes After doing step 4 (port forward) my download speeds went back down to 1-7kb/s.My internet speed is 5mb/sDownloaded PFportchecker by and it says that port 45682 for my IP address is CLOSED.When using bit torrent I sometimes momentarily see a green check-mark indicating that it is configured properly, however after a couple of seconds it automatically changes to the orange triangle with exclamation (!). Im dont think this has anything to do with it but when I set my IP to static (step 3) I set my DNS to and (google)What am I missing or doing wrong?