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Found 4 results

  1. Using Simple Port Tester from, I verified that I have opened my inbound port. However, the ctrl-g setup guide from the client states my port is not open. I've gone through and changed router, anti-virus, and windows firewall settings, along with the testing software. Am I just getting a false reading or is BitTorrent using my port as if it is "unopened" ?
  2. Hi, I am sorry for what is probably a painfully common question, but I moved into a new apartment halls and find that my torrents are extremely slow. Most likely due to "Port not open (you are still able to download)", which I am guessing is the result of some sort of restriction. Problem is this: I have not done anythign to the computer and 2 weeks ago it was working fine. The only variable is I moved into new halls, but it's the same ISP and I called them up and they reassured me they are placing no restriction at all I would really appreciate some sort of advice on how to proceed. Thanks just some notes: i disabled the antiviruses/firewalls and added bittorrent as exceptions Twice now the speeds have, for short periods of time, gone up a lot. That happened when I started Torrent after restarting the computer - for one torrent suddenly the speed jumped to 4Mbps Overall speed of the internet - 30Mbps Torrent Average speed - 100KBs
  3. Hi All, I'm getting ridiculously low download speeds, under 10 kB/s and mostly under 1 kB/s! For some reason when I first start the torrent it is downloading really fast, then within 10 minutes or less it drops to this minuscule speed. I went through all the steps of setting up a static IP address, and creating specific port exceptions in Windows Firewall (which is the only firewall I use) as well as creating an open port setting on my router. I've also deleted the settings.dat & settings.dat.old files several times and restarted the torrent. Again, every time I do restart it it starts out downloading really fast (600 kB/s to 1.2 Mb/s) and then shortly slows down to >1 kB/s, according to the speed indicator within the program. It shows connected to between 50-100 of (450+) peers each time, and 0 of (58) seeds, which may be the problem, but if so, why would it start out downloading really fast and then drop to almost nothing? Sometimes it shows port open when I do the reset (deleting the settings files) and sometimes it shows port is closed, even though I created those port exceptions. I really don't know what else to do. Help? Thanks, Nadine
  4. New Guy here. going thru setup the timing test failed. It said my port is not open and I am not uploading. I have Norton 360 for protection. I found Norton network setup and I see a comm port - 5 numbers. I set the port in setup to match the Norton port number but it still fails. I went thru the FAQ and can't find anything to walk me thru setup. ANy help?