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Found 5 results

  1. So, I have a file where I'm the only available seeder and occasionaly there are someone that downloads it. ATM there are 3 waiting and 1 of those are downloading from me. THEN! I download 3 files with 153/199/434 seeders and 137/228/332 peers. If I try to say to the client that "Screw those, there's enough seeders already, I have one that's more important!" and then set max upload rate to 25kB/s (why can't I block upload per file totaly?) I get next to no download speed. Can someone please explain to me why it's more important to upload files with hundreds of seeders than to the lone bastard? When I started with torrents many years ago there was a system where you could stop downloading to those who didn't upload, but it was manual, this seems to be automatic and generated by the client, and it doesn't look at your total upload (percentage of line capacity and I have 700kbps (80ish KB/s), only the specific file.
  2. For example, currently I have two torrents in queue. First torrent uses 4 MB/s, second torrent uses 2 MB/s. But if I pause second torrent then first torrent uses 6 MB/s. How to make first torrent to use 6MB/s without pausing second torrent?
  3. Hi, I have found a small bug in the Bittorrent client. I am running Bittorent 7.9.2 (build 36321) [32-bit] (Have I not seen a 64-bit version?) Here are the steps to reproduce the anomaly: While downloading a torrent with multiple files, right-click one file and choose the option "Copy Stream URL". Once this has been clicked, the priority will change to "Low" from whichever priority was set beforehand. I hope this helps to make the Bittorrent client even better!
  4. I have two downloaded files that there are next to no seeders for and there are no peers connected to download from them (upload from me). How do I give them frigging, frigging, frigging MAX priority?
  5. an option to give priority to first pieces (pieces at the beginning have higher priority), so that when downloading videos we can play the video without waiting for it to finish.