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Found 8 results

  1. I had to reinstall windows and I have lost my BitTorrent Pro. How do I resubmit the cleverbridge reference number now that I have reinstalled bittorrent?
  2. I signed up for Pro a while back, then un-installed and re-installed Bittorrent (because I thought there was a 64bit version), and now I don;t know how to upgrade to the Pro version I paid for. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance!
  3. 1) Every time I open my NEW bittorrent Pro, the whole upgrade starts all over again. Why does it keep upgrading? It make the program super slow to load. Please help. 2) Even though I set my default video viewer to the one I want, whenever I go to open a file in Bittorent to watch it, it used the new Bittorrent media player. How do I get rid of the bittorent media player?
  4. I already purchased Pro and installed it on my desktop, it works fine, I also want it on my laptop, I downloaded the free version and looking for a way to load Pro using my existing license, can't find out how to do this without paying for another license... is there a sign in somewhere. Thanks for your help.
  5. Dear! Sad to say, some moments ago I have bought BitTorrent Ad-free version, but after I have installed it, it has turned into a Pro version that I do not want. I have a very small amount of RAM, I do not want any antivirus or any playback in the BitTorrent client, I just need the simple Ad-free version I paid for. Please PM me the correct link to download it. Thank you.
  6. I like the idea of selective sync in the Pro Version. However, I would prefer the Capabilities of the Pro Version Stay with the Folder not the Device. The reason is I only have one folder that requires this and I not want to pay for subscriptions for all devices.
  7. Hi pretty new to all of this. Well, about a 2 years in. Anywho, I just went and got a new computer. Is it possible to transfer my bittorrent pro from my old computer to this one? I have yet to find anything in the forums that could remotely help me. Thanks much appreciated
  8. I would like to see an option where the purchase of BitTorrent Plus means that you continue to get support. I have searched the forums for my errors and all I've come across are messages saying "Pro is not supported in the Forums." When I goto it takes me to a useless web site. Here are my errors: player.btinstall failed to install (0x800b010c) bitdefender.btinstall failed to install (0x800b010c) transcode.btinstall failed to install (0x800b010c) I'm running 64bit Windows 8 and I've ran the install as Administrator. I assume from the errors that I am actually not receiving any of the pro features that I paid for. I tried both the bundle and the free download/add the license methods. It would be nice to see some support of the product as a feature. I paid good money for it. Cheers, Gordon