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Found 11 results

  1. Hi There For some or other reason all my pre-loaded rss feeds are not refreshing or downloading any new episodes. I get the url from showRSS and have never had an issue in the past. Not sure what has changed, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why it isn't working anymore. Please advise?
  2. Hi guys, As you can read in the Tittel my RSS Feeds dont work or update anymore even if I press update. I was on Vacation the last 3 weeks uptil October 22nd. So I started Bittorent and got the newst update. And even after a complete reinstall it will not work. So I'm running on Win10 got version 7.9.9 (build 42607) of Bitttorent and runing Avira for antivirus. I hope tahts all Information you need and taht you can help me. PS tahts one of my rss feeds: Pleas delte one of the doppelt posted Topics thx xD
  3. Hi all, I'm somewhat new to using RSS feeds in BitTorrent, and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I've added three different RSS feeds. No problems there. The RSS thingy in the sidebar says "Feeds (3)", which to me would indicate that everything went well. Problem is that when I expand the tree-view list of RSS feeds, only two are shown. The third one I added is not there.. What went wrong? Shouldn't it show all the feeds I've added? Is there a limit to how many it will show? Should I look somewhere else for the complete list? I hope you can help. Kind reagrds Tor
  4. So, I do everything as described in numerous posts and yet, for some reason, my rss feeds won't show any torrents at all. Any ideas?
  5. I click on RSS feed in toolbar and enter the RSS URL. I then enter a name. I cannot save this because the gray button is grayed out. I can only click on cancel
  6. I use BitTorrent 7.4.1 on Mac OS X Why RSS Feeds are limited to the latest 60 articles and how can I change this to a bigger number or infinite number?
  7. I am using BitTorrent 7.4.1 on a Mac OS X Please add as soon as posible a Columns for FILE DOWNLOAD SIZE and NUMBER OF SEEDS in the RSS Feeds and Infinite Number of Articles, because now it look like it is limited to the 60 latest RSS articles. RSS Feeds is useless in BitTorrent if I can't see how many seeds are available and how big the files are. RSS Feeds is the feature I use the most but it need this very simple and important feature to be added in order to be useful. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I have the settings in my RSS Downloader as per the below screen shots, and as you can see in the background the RSS is successfully finding torrents, but for some reason they wont add to the downloads list... can anyone see whats happening??? Thanks
  9. Here's what I do to reproduce the result: 1. File > Add RSS Feed > insert RSS link > set subscription to "Automatically download all items published in feed" and "Use smart episode filter" > OK > right-click on the feed > update feed > download not starting (feed already filled with bunch of torrents) 2. File > Add RSS Feed > insert RSS link > set subscription to "Automatically download all items published in feed" only > OK > right-click on the feed > update feed > download starting Please help, thank you.
  10. Recently, I noticed that RSS Downloader has stopped working. It has worked flawlessly for months adding fresh downloads, but is now not adding any. Any thoughts on what I can do?