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Found 15 results

  1. I used the "Create new Torrent" function on my BitTorrent to send a game, put everything right there until the crawlers I got in the GitHub from a guy who updates every day to the best ones he currently has, I sent my .torrent file to my cousin it opened and nothing happened it just stayed: "Connecting to Peer" and type my program is open and neither shows sending or anything of the kind, I find it strange why when low something shows download speed type 800 KBPS and Upload 250 KBPS and type with this torrent that I created does not show anything gets type zerado, already tried everything I opened the ports in the Modem and the Router and nothing, only sends if it is type for computers in my network I did the test went to another PC I opened the file there I waited a bit and started sending on my PC and the other to receive, can someone help me in this? My connection is CGNAT.
  2. Hi, I want to suggest a kind of basic thing, i want to be able to add a peer that when added will try to connect to it and if that peer becomes available it will never choke that peer. In both directions, basically the highest priority peer. Why, well, me and a friend of mine want to send stuff between each other, maybe a cool "linux distro" or similar, and, well we have a very high speed link between us so why not prioritize that link over everything else, but i have so many times had either one or both sides choke the other or similar and it is super annoying since we might be getting a fraction of the possible speed from the internet compared to the max speed between us. Additionally, an ability to add such a "friend peer" in a list somewhere so he gets queried for every torrent i add, so that if he has the same info hash, i will try him first of all peers.
  3. I'm trying to torrent After Effects(I'm on a mac) and whenever I clock download torrent, it opens up bit torrent and starts downloading. It stays at zero and then automatically leeches. Please help!!!
  4. If a proxy specified under Preferences-->Connection is used (let's say it's SOCKS 5), will BitTorrent stop uploading/downloading if the connection with a proxy server suddenly breaks down? Or will it switch to using "home" IP? If it stops uploading/downloading, is it so precise that no data actually leaves the computer under "home" IP or will it deanonymize the user?
  5. Is there somewhere I can see my all time ratio? I know there is a total at the bottom of the UI, but that's purely for that session. If you close and re-open the client it's reset. I'm after my all time ratio.
  6. I have two downloaded files that there are next to no seeders for and there are no peers connected to download from them (upload from me). How do I give them frigging, frigging, frigging MAX priority?
  7. Can someone give me an explanation of what the numbers that appear on the info tab mean? So for example I get something like: Seeds: 4 out of 30 connected (50 in swarm) Peers: 3 out of 5 connected (7 in swarm) What I want to know is, what does the "out of x" number mean? Why is it smaller than the swarm number?
  8. Hey there, I generally stop seeding after my "Amount Uploaded" is around 2x the size of the file - so, a 2Gb torrent, I will seed 4Gb. I'm wondering if there is a way to automate this? Occasionally, I've forgotten to remove the torrent, and ended up using hundreds of Gb's of bandwidth, which exceeded my ISP's monthly limit
  9. Hi, I've downloaded some files from a tracker and I'd like to improve my ratio. Is it possible to seed a previously downloaded file? I precise I wouldn't like to download it again because in that case it would make my ratio fall down... Thanks, Mark
  10. I'm new to this, so I'd appreciate the help and patience since even the simplest things are completely unknown to me. I'm using uTorrent 1.8.4 on Mac, and I have some questions about it. 1. How do I set it to stop seeding/uploading automatically after the download is complete? 2. While downloading the file, it is also uploading. Can that be stopped? If so, how? And will it affect the download in anyway whatsoever? 3. After the download is complete, the torrent file vanishes. Does this mean that the .torrent file is deleted? If not, how do I set it to stop the file from downloading or uploading, but keep it there so I can right-click it and hit the delete .torrent file? Thanks...
  11. Hello! I am new here. Please be kind to me! Something happened and all my seeding torrents are lost in Bittorrent! I still have the files in my Downloads folder. But the torrents are gone in my BT! I am a BakaBT user and I need to seed the files.. How do I seed them without downloading them again and go back to zero? Is there any solution beside removing all the files and downloading them again to seed them again?? I am using a Mac. Please help meeeeeeeeeeee _: (´□`」 ∠):_
  12. I'm a bit of a newb, I've been using torrents no problem for a number of years now via downloading torrent files from popular torrent sites. I want to start making my own torrents to share files with my friends, but I have been failing miserably. I'm currently on Mac OSX10.8.4 cable attached to an Airport Extreme and I'm using Transmission and BitTorrent. DHT and PEX are enabled, and my port is open with a green light in both programs. I create a torrent, add a few different public trackers that are verified to be working, and on my computer everything looks great and it says I'm seeding. When my torrent is added to a bittorrent client on another computer it says there are 0 peers and nothing happens. I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to all the internet settings, and most of it is set to automatic, but I've never had a problem shareing files with torrents others have created. Please help a guy just trying to give back to the torrent community! Thanks!
  13. I am seeding 3 orginal torrents and they are barely uploading. Here are the 3 file sizes and what I have upload so far. It has taken me over 2 weeks to upload this much. file size / uploaded 125 MB / 1.18 GB 103 MB / 552 MB 114 MB / 936 MB I have a 2 MB upload speed. Speed test said so as so does Bitorrent when I run the test to configure speed. Every torrent has a bunch of peers just sitting there. So there are a bunch of people that want the file, but my bittorrent software will sit there all day and won't upload anything sometimes. 1 of those files always has over 20 or 30 leechers but none of them have 100% of the file. So file availability is always at 1.985 because all anyone has is 98.5% So why do I have all of these peers wanting my file and my bit torrent barely uploads. While watching the peer tab, every once in a while one person might show up that I upload at like 1kb/s for 1 sec. The que says 5bytes and then it will sit idle for hours. Any help please. -crow
  14. I'm failrly new to using BitTorrent (4 months) but with the help of reading many pages and watching video's I was able to set up my BTC and recently I have had problems with the last two torrents I have created not uploading fully. I have been seeding a file that is 1.3GBs for over 48 hours and it is still not fully uploaded. I'm not sure what the problem is as when I have made torrents in the past they have been simple to upload and share. Now I have many leechers (and from reading I know this isnt good) and I'm the only seeder showing on my uploaded torrent. I have googled and read many threads from many forums but still can not get a direct solution on how to solve this. Is there anyone that can possiably help me? I'm willing to send screen shots to solve this. Also when I first started downloading torrents and uploading I really did not have them organized and I would like to do this but i know if I move them it would not be good. I would like some direction in moving my torrents into 3 organized files. Thank You and Your Help is Much Appreciated. I'm sending a screen shot of what I see in my BitTorrent availability.