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Found 1 result

  1. Topic dedicated to developers of uT/bT clients. I found that uT and bT clients for about 2-3 years starts to download tasks differently comparing with previous their behavior. About 30% of all started to download from 0.0% tasks stops forever when client finished to download 1 piece of each file in task. Seed and Peers are connected (for example Seeds 30(100), Peers 12(150) ) but download and upload columns on that task is less then 1 kB/s or 0 at all. To make task downloaded I stop task wait a few seconds and start it again. That make task download at full speed after about 6-8 seconds after it restart. Sometimes I need to stop hanging tasks twice. 1) Did you understand me? 2) How can I help you to determine that's going on to make it fixed at last? May be to provide some debug info? Do you have any debug builds with auto or manual report of verbose debug data? I can install it on my PC. 3) cause it lasts for years can you tell me is it the bug or bandwidth cooling down feature? It covers my earlier 2 PCs win 8.1, now 3 PCs win 10. Just the same "feature" of stop to download of about a 30% tasks in the beginning behavior everywhere. Any thoughts from you and help to diagnose it from my side to make it fixed forever. ---- win10 v1703 x64 enterprise (current), uT 3.5 beta 43534, bT 7.9.9 43389
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