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Found 8 results

  1. All of a sudden my BitTorrent cannot locate peers. I load a good torrent and the client just sits there looking and waiting to connect. It happens in Linux as well, so I assume it is an internet connection problem. How can I determine that my ISP may be throttling?
  2. Hi, Having had a ton of issues that I've been able to surmount (namely permissions issues that I could only fix by copying all my files to a new share on the same source NAS), I'm now unable to get this working, and here I came for help. The purpose of my bitsync install is to keep a working server in my company synced with a backup server which I'll keep home after the initial sync (~3.3Tb) has taken place locally. My target NAS is using bittorent sync 1.4, as it is the latest available version for qoriq based Synology NAS, but I have been able to install everything, setup a shared folder and start the sync process, so to my untrained eye this does not seem to be the source of my problems. Source NAS is running the latest version available through synocommunity. Target NAS only has read permissions (thus my source/target names for the NAS'). Problem 1: My source folder is ~3.31 Tb; Sync only "sees" 2.94 Tb. It shows "indexing" for days, but it does not seem to be able to index the latest ~370Gb or so. (picture 1). Permissions' issues with the original share were what made me use the nuclear option, create a share and define all the permissions from scratch, sos I'm pretty sure this isn't a permissions issue as outlined in the FAQ and in many forum posts. Problem 2: Target NAS synced folder stopped at around 260Gb, and it stopped increasing. Although both NAS are currently connected to the same gigabit switch, transfer rates went from ~10Mb/s with peaks of ~30Mb/s to 1-2kb/s. I have since removed the shared folder in the target NAS, in the hopes that this would decrease the load on the server and improve the speed with which it was being indexed. Hasn't happened. Any ideas on why it stopped syncing with more than 90% to go? Problem 3: Bittorent Sync's web interface stopped generating the QR codes for syncing with mobile apps. (picture 2) This was working before, and I have been able to successfully link the shared folder with my iPhone. Two related questions: 1 - Bittorrent Sync generates a ton of logs and journals, any hints on what I should try to search for in order to try to understand what the problems are? Also, why would I have a B07A0AB68F26F6E0CCEEF0CFBBC7FBBFEFAB3455.5711241.db file at /usr/local/bittorentsync/var that is ~3.6Gb and growing? It seems quite large, what is supposedly stored in this database? 2 - I've had a (quite bizarre, IMHO) behaviour where the files in a test source folder were deleted when I removed the shared folder in the source NAS through Sync's web interface. I believe this is not intended behaviour, but this is in a way hold me back trying the "nuke" option of uninstall/reinstall and starting from scratch. I realise these may not be the cleverest questions, but I've pretty much exhausted all the how-to's and forum material that I could find and I'm stuck. Any help towards a despairing noob would be dearly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Vasco
  3. Hello! My terminological english is not even satisfactory but I will try and explain my problem. I've been downloading torrents (through magnet) for 2 or 3 years now and all the files that I planned to download were listed in BitTorrent, I had 300+ not downloaded and 150+ downloaded torrents. And today when I turned on my computer, BitTorrent started like it always does, but it was empty- there wasn't even 1 torrent left. I hope you can help!!!
  4. Hey, I want to use Bit Torrent Sync to backup our work data (we have about 2TB). My question is, can I first of all do a backup locally between the two drives (over USB3) then take one drive home and essentially start using Bit Torrent Sync to keep the external one mirrored with the work one? Obviously if I can avoid having to sync 2TB over the internet to begin with that would be good. Thanks! Sorry I just realised I should have posted this under the Bittorrent Sync section.
  5. Hello! I have successfully synchronized a directory from my work computer with one on the external SDCard on my smartphone. Now, I would like to synchronize it from my smartphone to my home computer. Mobile to mobile is quite easy using the Send function but I can't find how to do the sync Mobile --> Desktop. I'm sure this is something dumb easy to achieve so please forgive my ignorance and shed some light over here!
  6. Yesterday, I submitted the below post in: BitTorrent Forums → BitTorrent Mobile→ BitTorrent Android→ BitTorrent for Android I received a response from Harold Feit that stated: "incorrect section of the forums." and the topic has been locked. I would like to persue this topic in order to get it resolved. Please provide me some direction as to which section of the forum it belogs and/or point me towards a resource that will help me with this issue. Thank you. _________ Title: BTSync to SDCard on Android Team, Your product is fantastic. I am successfully using BTSync to backup files from my Ubuntu laptop and my Windows laptop to a home server. I tried to expand my use of BTSync to my Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet (Android 4.0.4 / Kernel version but I am having some issues: I have created a folder on my SDCard labeled btsync (path: /mnt/sdcard2/btsync). I tried creating the folder with the SDCard in my laptop and I created the folder on the device after the SDCard was installed. In each instance, I was able to add the /mnt/sdcard2/btsync folder through the ADD A FOLDER function and I am able to successfully scan the QR code. When I press DONE to complete the sync, I get the following error; "Don't have permission to write to selected folder." If I select a folder on SDCard1 (internal storage), the process works flawlessly. I would like to sync files to the external SDCard on my tablet due to the limited amount of space I have on the device itself. Any help you can provide with resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  7. Hi, I am looking to replace my syncing program called Synk from decimus. But I ran into this permissions issue and wondered if there is a way around it. I am using Mac OS X. Let's say I AFP into ComputerA logging in as UserB, and put a file in UserA's directory. Bittorrent Sync copies the file to computerB into UserA directory no problem. While on computerB, UserA deletes the file that was put there from UserB. Instead of deleting the file on ComputerA, it copies the file that I just deleted back onto ComputerB. There are other things for example I can rename the file that was copied over to computerB to something else, but it will not rename it on ComputerA, but rather it'll have the old copy of the file from before I renamed it and the new file that I just renamed. But on computerB, It'll copy back the original file that I renamed. My other syncing problem does not have this problem(i believe it runs in admin mode), and hope bittorrent will be able to handle this as well. Any help or suggestions or even an feature update? Thanks, Mike
  8. Hey guys, I hope using this thread properly. Newbie here. So, I setup the sync client on my windows machine at work and my linux machine at home. On the linux machine, I generated my full access key and made my folder and what not. at work, I made a folder and used the same shared secret The initial sync worked. My stuff from my linux machine got moved to my windows. (the windows folder was empty) However, nothing has happened for the last 3 hours. I have added stuff to my folder at home (the linux machine) and it has not synced back here. I have also added stuff to my windows folder which has also not synced back here. How should I go about trouble shooting this. I dont see any log files associated with this tool in my /var/log folder. Thanks