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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so I can't say I'm happy with the service, it does what it's supposed to (sometimes) but I'm having quite a lot of problems. First off I'd like to say I'm not the typical installs shit in the computer and then complains computer is slow side banter click kid. I know what I'm doing, only download trusted software and preform periodic checks with malware bytes and AVG. Lately it seems no trackers work (and it's not the torrents, I'm talking 20k+ seeders), one of them (the top one(?)) always says invalid URL, [DHT], [LPD] and [PE] always work, then the one after always says "No Such Host Is Known", and the ones after that always timeout. I manage to download but all pears/seeds I get are from the ones above I said work. I've had some trackers work with tor files (no magnet), but it's a small percentage, also might be important to notice I installed popcorn time some time ago. I keep getting these stupid errors when opening tor files that say bittorrent is running but not responding. (bitching) And I'm sure this has been talked about before, but if there is one thing I hate with all of my nature is useless processes running in the background, now I don't mind closing them (AND YES IM TALKING ABOUT THE BITTORRENT PROCESS AFTER I PRESS EXIT), but for some unexplainable reason, when I start it back up it fkn checks ever single one of my active torrents, which usually takes a while. Now I agreed to the terms of service and I'm pretty sure the allowance to do that is somewhere in there but it's just evasive and obnoxious as fk. About the trackers I'm pretty sure I should have nothing blocking on my computer, I'm running AVG, firewall exceptions, so I do not see a reason for it not to work, or stop working suddenly, since I haven't installed anything since quite a bit before the problems started. I did install some steam games and removed them shortly after. Example: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *udp:// - Invalid url [DHT] - working(1 peer) [Local Peer Discovery] - working(2 peers) [Peer Exchange] - working udp:// - No such host is known. udp:// - Connection timed out. udp:// - Connection timed out. udp:// - Connection timed out. The status is Connecting to peers 0.0% Peers tab is totally blank. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Help would be greatly appreciated. Have a nice day (is that normal to say?).