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Found 3 results

  1. With torrents, is there a hash kept of each file in the torrent? The goal would be to increase the seeds of a file if it exists in two different torrents. eg: torrent A has file1.ext torrent B has file1.ext We use the seeds from torrent A and torrent B to download file1.ext
  2. My current torrent machine is an old laptop running windows Vista. I have it set up to download the torrent data to an external drive. I want to move the whole torrent/data setup to a new PC (probably windows 10). I can see the torrent files are stored in a directory off of appdata under users. What files to I need copy from the old machine to the new (and where) to preserve the torrent information once I install bittorent on the new machine. I know I have to point to the external drive also.
  3. My Bittorrent client crashes about halfway through making a torrent file, giving me the options to restart the application or to not restart the application, and to send crashdump information. the directory folder I'm trying to share is 54.9 Gb.