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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. Though forums these days seem to be dead I'm hoping this one still has some life in it. A few months ago using 'the usual' torrent searching sites - .whatever I'm searching for shows up but then the 'get this torrent' links all became unclickable. So I can't download anything at all. I've used both Chrome and FIrefox and it's the same for both. Has anyone else had this problem? If so did you manage to find a solution? I've searched the web put my exact problem doesn't seem to be out there. Thanks.
  2. Antivirus being what it is quite often removes executable files from downloads after they've been completed. I came across this problem today whereby I had to re-check a torrent over 20GB in size in order to re-download a single 3MB executable which as you can imagine took some time. Is there any way a re-check for individual files would be possible to implement? I understand the torrent structure is split into 'pieces' rather than the files themselves, but aren't those pieces identifiable in order to request their download again? Thanks in advance, Ryan
  3. I opened Bittorrent and everything was gone. How do I fix this and make sure it never happens again as well?
  4. First of all, sorry if my grammar is bad, english is not my first language. For the first time in many years, bittorrent does not work. I am not able to see any torrents in bittorrent. Last week everything was working fine and now nothing. Completly blank. They are not in any category (seeding, active,ect), they are just gone. My files are still avaible on my pc though, but i can't do anything on bittorrent right now. Is there any hope? thank you.
  5. Ive been using Bittorrent for awhile without issue but this previous week my DL speed has shot down to nearly nonexistent. my normal DL speed is around 5 MB/S. i currently am trying to download a few torrents each with over 100 seeders and less than 20 seeders total but my speeds are sitting steady at 20 KB/S. my link Please help as i have no idea what changed to make my DL speeds plummet
  6. Hello, I have recently switched ISP from Talk Talk to Plusnet and I've had an issue since. As soon as I start the program the download speed goes up to 1.8MB/s then drops after 30 seconds to ~200-300kb/s. The only way for the speeds to return to normal is if I manually change ports within the program the speed shoots back up then drops again after about 30 seconds. I've forwarded the ports in my router and allowed the program and ports to my firewall so I'm at a loss as to why I'm having to manually change ports every 30 seconds when the speed is obviously there, I've spoken to my ISP and they told me they do not throttle anymore so that is not the issue. Hopefully you guys have some helpful tips and answers I could try, thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, for a really long time now I have been having an issue where this happens on every torrent: Is there any way I can possibly fix these problems? Any pointers would be great.
  8. I have tried utorrent and bitorrent, it dosent matter if I try thepiratebay or extratorrent, anything I try to download shows up in my downloading software but just says connecting to peers. It never connects, I am having this issue on 2 different computers. all of the programs have been uninstalled and reinstalled with stock settings. I don't understand why this is because I was able to download then I wasn't. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this issue?
  9. I will be going off to college in the fall and it would be nice to be able to download torrents while I am there even over the college network. It's not necessary but it would be nice. Recently I have been reorganizing my home network to provide computers on our network (along with the proper credentials) access to a 2TB external hard drive attached to the main desktop (a sort of software based NAS, through file sharing), as well as our printer and other network resources. While I was doing this I thought it would be cool to set up a VPN host on our desktop so that I could connect to our home network at college through the VPN and access the previously mentioned network resources. The VPN is currently working for what I want it to do. I understand that VPN's allow one to circumvent certain regional restrictions and blocked sites as well as provide a more secure connection in public networks. Now for the question: I am wondering if it would be possible to use my home network's VPN to hide my torrent downloading. I know that network administrators at my college would be able to see my downloading volumes but I beliebe BitTorrent allows you to restrict the download speeds/volumes (I would also like more information on this aspect of downloading torrents discreetly). As I said, it's not a neccessity but it would be nice. I just want to get the most out of my VPN and my technology. Thank you for any info, I'm pretty new to networking but I've gotten this far!
  10. I have partially downloaded torrents. Partially downloaded because I need only some files of it. Problems start when I relocate files. After relocating BitTorent rechecks files, figures out that torrents are not finished and starts further downloading. Therefore I can not seed such torrents without downloading all files. For this reason I stop seeding and remove these torrents from BitTorrent. Is there some other solution of this problem?