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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings, all BitTorrent fanatics and gurus. I'm having trouble downloading a torrent, and I don't understand why. The torrent appears to have multiple seeds, yet the availability, and hence the download, is stuck at 0.971. The torrent in question is "Safe.House.S01.1080p.BluRay.x264-KEEPERS[rartv]" (the one shown on top in the screenshot). As can be seen in this torrent's Trackers tab, its Peer Exchange row lists 5 seeds and 117 peers, and its Distributed Hash Table (DHT) row lists 4 seeds and 58 peers. Thus, I'm surprised and baffled that the torrent's availability remains (and has always been) only 0.971. How can this be? The BitTorrent User Manual's glossary defines a seed as "A peer with 100% of the data in the torrent contents." 100%—Doesn't this mean that even a single seed would provide a torrent access to everything it needs to reach full (1.000) availability? Perhaps I'm missing something? Please, BitTorrenters who know more than I, help me understand, or even better, let me know if there's something I can do to get the final bit (pun intended!) of this torrent downloaded. Thank you!
  2. Hi, i used torrent for years. In couple last days i wanted to download something from tv shows and i simple cannot do this. It seems to show me that connecting to peers are last forever. Than i realised that in "trackers" display next to every tracker sign "no such host is known"... This is the image how its look I used top torrents from top list that no way to this tracker have 0 seeds ... Anyone can help me? I read couple of topics on forums and get nothing to fix it, likely this poeple with the same problem on forums. Can anyon e explain me (please use simple language) whats going on and how to fix it ? PLEASE, BEGGING YOU HELP
  3. Ok, so I can't say I'm happy with the service, it does what it's supposed to (sometimes) but I'm having quite a lot of problems. First off I'd like to say I'm not the typical installs shit in the computer and then complains computer is slow side banter click kid. I know what I'm doing, only download trusted software and preform periodic checks with malware bytes and AVG. Lately it seems no trackers work (and it's not the torrents, I'm talking 20k+ seeders), one of them (the top one(?)) always says invalid URL, [DHT], [LPD] and [PE] always work, then the one after always says "No Such Host Is Known", and the ones after that always timeout. I manage to download but all pears/seeds I get are from the ones above I said work. I've had some trackers work with tor files (no magnet), but it's a small percentage, also might be important to notice I installed popcorn time some time ago. I keep getting these stupid errors when opening tor files that say bittorrent is running but not responding. (bitching) And I'm sure this has been talked about before, but if there is one thing I hate with all of my nature is useless processes running in the background, now I don't mind closing them (AND YES IM TALKING ABOUT THE BITTORRENT PROCESS AFTER I PRESS EXIT), but for some unexplainable reason, when I start it back up it fkn checks ever single one of my active torrents, which usually takes a while. Now I agreed to the terms of service and I'm pretty sure the allowance to do that is somewhere in there but it's just evasive and obnoxious as fk. About the trackers I'm pretty sure I should have nothing blocking on my computer, I'm running AVG, firewall exceptions, so I do not see a reason for it not to work, or stop working suddenly, since I haven't installed anything since quite a bit before the problems started. I did install some steam games and removed them shortly after. Example: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *udp:// - Invalid url [DHT] - working(1 peer) [Local Peer Discovery] - working(2 peers) [Peer Exchange] - working udp:// - No such host is known. udp:// - Connection timed out. udp:// - Connection timed out. udp:// - Connection timed out. The status is Connecting to peers 0.0% Peers tab is totally blank. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Help would be greatly appreciated. Have a nice day (is that normal to say?).
  4. Hi the other day; I started too work on a standalone tracker API... This is running on and you can download the code from: The tracker mounts on the fly the torrent; but I want to treat this state as a magnetic link typal and dial the torrent meta information in PHP via socket calls and using the benc libraries to interface. I can find very little online for the data I need what are the socket calls for the magnetic link type senerio; what I am going to do is download when a torrent mounts itself with a cron job the meta information for the torrent, such as files and trackers loaded into it. The Tracker API has a peering system; so it internally shares peers so the API will with the meta information get peers off other trackers as well for the torrent by placing socket calls or cURL them and decoding the benc dictionary. I wrote a version of TBDev for XOOPS you can get that of the standard chronolabs sourceforge project; it is with smarty templates and has a few extra features but i want to make this tracker a standalone... If one of the developers from bit torrent could get on contact with me on skype: antony.cipher I would love a code snippet for the magnetic link meta digest... This is an open source project!!
  5. Add trackers from list automatically from a list and merge them as you download a new torrent.
  6. So, I've been using Bit Torrent for... actually, maybe about three years now that I think about it (Moving on, before the fact that I've spent three years using one application, baffles me into incoherence) and I do apologize if anything you find in this post... distasteful to your good sense of proper file sharing (You'll get what I mean) See the Disclaimer. DISCLAIMER: The only reason I know how to use Bit Torrent, is because I asked a friend to walk me through it and knowing how incapable I am with technology (If I were to describe my skill, without aid, in finding or using applications and services online (Like Steam and all that jazz) I wouldn't say I'm on the same level as a vegetable, but I am at the grandparent level; pretty much useless) he wrote me a double-side looseleaf (and went into crazy detail, he really packed the words onto that page) with instructions, so again, if I'm doing something horribly wrong, (I asked Reddit a few weeks ago, an answer or two popped up and the rest was scorn for how I used Bit Torrent) Please, correct me on the errors of my ways and that alone may be enough to solve whatever issues I may be having. So, really, knowing so little about what I'm doing and just following my buddy's instructions, this is probably going to be the short part of my cry for help. I've rarely ever had problems with Bit Torrent in the past, but as of late, I have been having trouble getting downloads to simply start and when they do, the down and upload speed very quickly shrivel and die, blowing away in the wind. It's been nearly a month now since I've been able to get a single torrent up to 60% before it shit out on me. So, as far as I can tell you, HONESTLY, this is the problem I'm having and I have no deeper knowledge for the cause. I'll be checking back every couple hours of the day, so if you need to know something or post something so you can see the issue for yourself, I can. Just please remember, I'm just two-steps short of being brain-dead when it comes to this stuff, so please be very detailed and patient with me. Otherwise, we'll both just end up frustrated. I appreciate all the help I may receive and to those of you who figure out the issues I'm having, I offer blessings by the hundred fold (DISCLAIMER 2: I am in no way politically, religiously or economically licensed to offer or give out "Real" blessings, but I'll see if I can pull some strings for you kind people) Gratefully yours, Wesley Robert Simpson
  7. I recently found that I had a virus and used Malwarebytes to help me get rid of it, which it did, but unfortunately right afterwards I started having trouble with connectivity to things. Now, when trying to run a torrent it's stuck in the "Finding Peers" state. I first noticed this when trying to open Steam and being unable to connect to the Steam servers (which could serve as a clue). I had to run steam in tcp mode and it started to work. Currently my DHT, local peer discovery, and peer exchange are all working, though the DHT wasn't working for quite a while. The udp differs per torrent. It seems that certain torrents start to work after a while but others won't. I would guess that this has something to do with my how UDP is handled? I'm really not familiar with networking and would appreciate any help on this.
  8. Hi, for a really long time now I have been having an issue where this happens on every torrent: Is there any way I can possibly fix these problems? Any pointers would be great.