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Found 6 results

  1. So I've been torrenting music for a couple years now, and maybe 2/3 of the music I download has this same issue. I find an album I want on Kickass Torrents or Pirate Bay and download it via BitTorrent. The files completely finish downloading, then I open them up in iTunes and start playing them. Some/all of the songs don't play all the way through, they skip to the next track at the same time every time. The weird part is, I know the full file is there (and not corrupted or only partially downloaded) because if I click to a part of the song that comes after the place it usually skips the song plays all the way through. This has happened a lot. I check the comments on the torrent site, usually the reviews are all positive with little to no complaints, and definitely no references to what I'm experiencing. I'm on a Macbook Pro running El Capitan (10.11.3) with iTunes ( and BitTorrent (7.4.3). Any and all help is much appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Everytime i try to open BitTorrent to install it NOTHING works! I tried to click Unblock from the Properties, i tried to reinstall it , i see no files in %appdata%, i searched everywhere for any files/folders named torrent/bittorent yet nothing works help me please i need it! It just doesn't open , no errors no nothing EDIT: OS is windows xp professional 32bit
  3. Hello. I have recently transferred content from one macbook air to another and so also my torrents in progress as well as the bittorrent was transferred as well. In the first attached pic these are files which have been downloaded to an extent but not completely and the bittorrent doesn't read these files as more than one of them have again started their download display from 0%. the second pic shows the type of warnings i get on my torrents. please help me fix this problem as i am unable to download anything. any help is appreciated. there was no such problem previously.
  4. utorrent was working fine. Then suddenly stopped going to my torrents and instead it opens to an offer to install utorrent on my mobile phone. I can not get it to go to my list of torrents. How to fix this? when searching for a torrent for a given movie title how do I know which torrent on the list is safe to use or has no virus or malware attached ?
  5. Hi all, For the last month or so my download rate has been super slow rarely reaching above 60kB/s the speeds I used to receive 800-1200kB/s. I have done a speed test and I have checked my that my ISP (Telstra) is not shaping torrents at and the results say “There is no indication that your ISP rate limits your uploads.” And There is no indication that your ISP rate limits your downloads.” I have also checked that there is an exception set on my fire wall. I am hoping that someone is able to advise me if there is anything else to look at… is there any settings I might be able to adjust Cheers, BRENDOW
  6. Hi, So as of lately, I noticed that bitTorrent was giving me issues on torrents. About 3-4 weeks ago, it was working perfectly fine. Today, it won't let me torrent anything. I've tried to torrent 3 different sources and files, but none of them could be opened. I read other's issues on this and checked my directory. I tried setting them to different locations and even disabled them (checkboxes), but the issue still persisted. Here is my directory if you need it and please help. Thank you.