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Found 11 results

  1. 1. I have the latest build (v. 7.10.3 Build 44397) but I am still being pestered by the message to update whenever I start Windows 10. How can I stop the message from showing up? 2. When I last updated, the update wizard did NOT ask me where I wanted to install it (in the previous folder BitTorrrent was in). Instead, it installed where it wanted to, and I lost all of my preferences, directory locations for torrents and downloads, etc. Why was I not given a choice on the folder I wanted, as other programs do when they install or update?
  2. Hello! Blink! New update for BitTorrent! OK! I will download it... That was serious mistake from me... I was downloading veeery big file, like 16GB, and I havent got fast internet.... After update, ALL my files are gone. They are not in hidden label....... How I can re-download them (not all file again)??? And how is it possible, that THIS happened to me? I thought, that BitTorrent is serious program!!
  3. If I update does the update change my files or anything? Don't want to lose anything or syncing settings.
  4. Hello! My terminological english is not even satisfactory but I will try and explain my problem. I've been downloading torrents (through magnet) for 2 or 3 years now and all the files that I planned to download were listed in BitTorrent, I had 300+ not downloaded and 150+ downloaded torrents. And today when I turned on my computer, BitTorrent started like it always does, but it was empty- there wasn't even 1 torrent left. I hope you can help!!!
  5. I have upgraded my bittorrent as being sugested and hopped to be better, faster.,. However, since i downloaded and run a new version i can not download anything! :o each tim ei try to download torrent a following massage apears: ::The application you chose ("") could not be found. Check the file name or choose another application.:: Anyone has an idea what it mighjt be and how to solwe the problem?? Thx!
  6. Today, 9/17/2014, I, a ComCast customer, attempted to update my free BitTorrent client to the latest version. The antivirus ComCast uses, Norton Security Suite, however, marked the BitTorrent.exe install file as "Unsafe" (as containing malware "WSReputation.1"), and then deleted it. NOTE: The BitTorrent download page unfortunately doesn't state the version of the software being downloaded. And since the install file is deleted by Norton and the program can't be installed, I can't determine the version number, and so I cannot give that here. Norton (Symantec) has a site wherein one can submit for review files believed to be wrongly marked as unsafe: But since the file is deleted by Norton on my machine, I can't send it in. Does anyone have a solution? work-around? If not, I request that someone at BitTorrent send in the file to Norton. I imagine a very large number of people (ComCast customers and other Norton Security Suite users) are impacted by this. And if the file does need to be sent to Norton, will someone kindly communicate follow up in this forum thread? Thanks for any help.
  7. I have automatic updates enabled. Whenever Bittorrent updates, Conduit search re-appears in Firefox. Is there anyway to disable Conduit installation with automatic updates? Thanks.
  8. Every single time I update BitTorrent, it installs "Conduit Search Protect" (called "Search Protect" when uninstalling). I don't want to have to uninstall it with every update. How do I stop BT from installing it? Thanks.
  9. This is a bit odd... I recall hearing that BitTorent updates itself now, but just for a laugh, (I have V7.8.2.. I) I clicked on the Check for Updates... Imagine my surprise when it told me that there is an update available.. To the same version I already have.... A tiny hiccup to be sure... unless there is an incremental update available.. Thought you should hear about it.. Oh, and thank you for putting in the time to not only create this program, and not only work this Forum, but to not explode when folks ask questions that are clearly not for this place
  10. So like most red-blooded Americans, I was agreeing to the new update of BitTorrent onto my computer, and just kind of hit yes, go, whatever... But the last step seems like I was agreeing to some kind of "offer." Can anyone tell me what it was??? LUL on me I know. Thanks.
  11. Hey guys i got a big problem: I Updated sometime Bittorrent to 7.7 since them BitTorrent is crashing instant. So Now i Updated to 7.8 but it still crash instant. I got MSE for Internet Security, i deleted it but BitTorrent is sitll crashing I own Windows 7 Home Premium. For a Crash Dump file : I Hope anyone can help me.