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Found 6 results

  1. i am new in torrent. i downloaded a game using bit torrent. after few hours a pop up notification says download complete. but in bit torrent it is saying "seeding" what it means. what will happen if i delete torrent from bit torrent while it is seeding. is it affect the file that i downloaded.
  2. okay so I'm having an issue that i didnt used to have my isp switched me from a modem to a modem/router and i also use my own router so i switched the modem/router (arris dg1670) into a bridge and have the port opened on my router (netgear Wireless-N 300 Router WNR2000v2) if i goto canyouseeme and put in my port number it says Success: I can see your service on
  3. Been stuck on this for a while. Hope someone can help. Used BitTorrent for years to download, but another client to upload. There are a couple of things that I was never able to figure out. Is there a step by step upload tutorial somewhere? Or can someone here help? Only think I am confused about is initial upload. I create the torrent selecting "start seeding." And launch the trial run through to make sure I get to 100% to make sure all is good before launching on the tracker. This seems to be instantaneous (too fast). And tracker status is "not a tracker (410)." If I update tracker status it changes to "invalid url." Is this all correct. When I launch on the tracker and upload for real will all be good?
  4. Howdy great peeps, Was trying to upload a torrent multiple times now yesterday & it gets stuck at around 60% (tried uTorrent too) Left the computer on for about 8 hours & nothing.. Is there an issue I don't know of? Would gladly accept help! Much greetings, Mike
  5. I'm new to this, so I'd appreciate the help and patience since even the simplest things are completely unknown to me. I'm using uTorrent 1.8.4 on Mac, and I have some questions about it. 1. How do I set it to stop seeding/uploading automatically after the download is complete? 2. While downloading the file, it is also uploading. Can that be stopped? If so, how? And will it affect the download in anyway whatsoever? 3. After the download is complete, the torrent file vanishes. Does this mean that the .torrent file is deleted? If not, how do I set it to stop the file from downloading or uploading, but keep it there so I can right-click it and hit the delete .torrent file? Thanks...
  6. Whenever I set a maximum upload rate on either the preferences or torrent bandwidth allocation (regardless of value set), the upload rate will got to 1kB/s or stop completely.