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Found 11 results

  1. Hey, I shifted to BitTorrent some days back and I have been having download speed issues. On uTorrent, I used to have a minimum speed of up to 1Mb/s; moving on to BitTorrent, I haven't been able to go past 320Kb/s even after optimising the client
  2. utorrent was working fine. Then suddenly stopped going to my torrents and instead it opens to an offer to install utorrent on my mobile phone. I can not get it to go to my list of torrents. How to fix this? when searching for a torrent for a given movie title how do I know which torrent on the list is safe to use or has no virus or malware attached ?
  3. We just standardized our peer ID in Popcorn Time (quite a large amount of users use Popcorn Time, our estimates put it at around 5 million to 10 million people) so we were wondering how we got a "friendly" name put into uTorrent/BitTorrent clients for the Peer ID we use in Popcorn Time. Regards, XeonCore
  4. Version: 7.9.2, build 32355, 32-bit How to reproduce: click and drag any listed torrent. the icon under the mouse is uTorrent's one. What should happen: BitTorrent icon to be shown instead.
  5. Hi, uTorrent installs in “C:\Users\NRL\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent” I would like to install it in either Program Files or Program Files (x86) Can you give us users the option to choose the installation directory? NRL
  6. Hi, I just purchased uTorrent Plus yesterday. Is uTorrent supposed to install in "%AppData%/Roaming" ? All my programs install in either Program Files or Program Files (x86). My OS is Windows 8.1 Pro with Update 1. I do not want the app version. I want the desktop version. Why does it install in "%AppData%/Roaming" ? Does uTorrent come in a 64-Bit version? NRL
  7. Let me start by saying I am not particularly technologically savvy, but I have thoroughly attempted to solve this problem before coming here so at this point I would appreciate any help you have to offer I'm currently running Windows 7 on my PC, my build number of uTorrent is 30660, 32-bit, and I have Windows Firewall Advanced Security but I'm fairly confident I've allowed both utorrent and bittorrent to bypass the security restrictions. When I attempt to open a file on bittorrent, it sends me this message: "The µTorrent WebUI does not seem to be installed. Click here to try to install it, or see the guide for more details." Neither links connected me to anything, so I tried googling the phrase and I was able to turn on the WebUI on utorrent but the problem has still persisted. I also attempted visiting this link with the appropriate information entered: http://yourip:yourport/gui/ but that also did not connect me to any website; on one tutorial I found, it said this indicated a networking problem but I am unsure of how to fix that. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi I'm really interested in advertising on utorrent. I've tried contacting the sales dept. and no answer. Can anyone give me some insight on who to talk to about this? mods my email is affmanager @ clicksolve (d0t) com
  9. I've been using uTorrent without problems for a number of months, working through the BTGuard VPN. A few days ago, I noticed that I was neither downloading or seeding. I thought it might be because some of the files I was downloading don't have many seeds/peers, so I added a couple of very popular torrents to my list to see what would happen. I'm getting nothing even on popular titles. Most of the time the status bar shifts to brown which (I assume) means there is no activity going on. Nothing shows up in the up speed and down speed columns. I changed nothing. Is BTGuard having a problem? Or is there something I should be looking at?
  10. I just had that damn checked 0.0% problem again and i was updating things and running scans to fix things to see if they might help. I've tried all of the accepted methods to fix the problem, like ending the bittorrent process, restarting the computer, forced recheck (actually grayed out), and other basic stuff. So i also decided to clean my computer with my well-trusted Advanced Systemcare by Iobit. I was unaware that the internet problems section or privacy issues or some other option would have wiped out my torrent information as that has never happened in the past. So, I had a torrent that was 22.8 GB at 99.5% when this happened along with several other large torrents, so you can understand that I do not want to restart the entire torrent download, because that would take up a lot of time and bandwidth. Is there any way I can get my magnet/torrent information back to the way it was previously so that I do not have to restart all of my downloads? Thanks for any help offered.
  11. I have been using utorrent for 4 years, however, the last 3 updates or so have been absolutely terrible, making it run slow, or not even download at all. But still i had faith that eventually the team behind my favorite program would eventually identify the problem and send me an update that would get utorrent running as well as it used to or even better than ever. However, something just happened that i am ridiculously unhappy about. With this last update i would have to request to stream the torrent JUST to get it to be able to begin downloading. Well, the last torrent that i downloaded, is in my music folder right now, all by itself, all alone. When it used to have OVER 30 GIGABYTES OF FRIENDS! My entire fucking music collection is gone, what the hell! Please find out a way to fix this or even what happened, because if not i will never use bittorrent nor utorrent again and i will be warning everyone i know that for the moment they are unsafe to use, that is unless you actually look forward to your computer's files being erased without warning.