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Found 4 results

  1. I downloaded a video using utorrent on my Mac, which I do very frequently. But with the last few videos or so, especially when I download from ETRG videos, the first five minutes or so of the video are very skippy. Could this be a problem with the uploader, or is it an issue on my end?
  2. I'm a newby and all of this is a mystery to me. I have a DVD with an old personal project that was transferred to the DVD from VHS. I simply want to get it onto my PC, convert it and upload it to YouTube for friends to see. I've been told that I can use BitTorrent to transfer it to my PC, then use HandBrake to recompress it and upload it. That's all I want to do. Can someone tell me how to use BitTorrent to get the video onto my PC? What do I look for on the BT dashboard and how do I use it? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I am a novice to BitTorrent and have been learning to download files. I have some of the basics down but the movies play sound only on my Samsung tablet. I actually had this figured out several months ago and then got away from torrents for a while. Now that I'm back I can't find my notes. As I recall, only certain types of movie downloads would show video on my tablet, others only sound. The trial-and-error effort the last time was painful, and I kick myself for losing my notes. Can anyone help with this problem? Thanks! Cigar
  4. Hi there, Lately, while BitTorrent is running in the background (downloading), the audio of my videos is full with artifacts--the sound has static-like disturbances. I've tried different video players like VLC, MPC and Windows Media Player. All three have exhibited similar problems in audio, and VLC and MPC have shown occasional video "stuttering" as well. This problem stops completely if BitTorrent is stopped end exited. My machine is relatively old but no audio problems whatsoever if BitTorrent is not running and I overload with other heavy-duty software or play HD 1080 movies. Specs: PC: Pentium 4 CPU 3.2GHz L2 Cache: 2,048 KB Memory: 3GB. (shows 50-70% usage when BitTorrent+Chrome+video are running together) Motherboard: MSI, MS-7176 (with built-in soundcard) Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series. Mode: 1920x1080, 32bit color depth. Sys: Win7 Ultimate 32 bit (v.6.1.7601) sp1. Frshly installed on February 2014 K-Lite codecs Full was installed today, April 19. 2014--but no change. BitTorrent: v.7.8.2 (Build 30489) 32 bit. Thank you!