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Found 8 results

  1. I was cleaning up my processes in task manager and msconfig when I noticed I have two instances of a program called bittorrentie. If I were a virus maker, that's what I'd call my virus that I attached to a torrent, so I thought I should ask. Is bittorrentie.exe *32 a normal program, and is there supposed to be two of them running.
  2. cant even download new client, gives norton anti-virus a heart attack. windows 10 client just stopped working yesterday 01/03/2017 "DHT: Waiting to log on" was going to re-install after a complete un-install, PUA.OpenCandy virus detected, naturally norton deletes everything. what now?
  3. Hi everybody! I have dowloaded BitTorrent installer and emediately after i started install my antivirus (360 Total Security) detected trojan, screenshot related. Can your give me and advice what should i do? What is that file?
  4. Hi..... I'm showing 'bittorrent.dmg' as being infected with: OSX.Malcol when it downloads. or : OSX.Trojan.Gen anyone else seeing this?
  5. A few days ago I started getting my antivirus beeping to notify me that it blocked an infection. It only happens when Bittorrent is running and has become as frequent as every five minutes. The infection is listed as being from hxxp://, associated with process C:/....bittorrent.exe. Each time it has some fake address that starts with hxxp:// but the rest can be different Can anyone tell me how to stop this? No luck with malwarebytes. thanks
  6. glewis4252


    When I agreed to using Yahoo as my homepage as part of the Bittorrent download, I didn't realize I was making a lifetime decision. Something in the download prevents me from changing my homepage. Nothing simple has worked including deleting Bittorrent , deleting my browsers, resetting my computer back several days, deleting everything in my registry that says Yahoo. Reloading my browsers lets me temporarily change homepages but a day later Yahoo is back. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I called BitTorrent but they haven't responded yet.
  7. Trying to download new BitTorrent version as of 8/8/2013 and Esset, malware detectors, are saying this BitTorrent has a potential virus with inclusion of win32/Adk DLL Wrapper. Probably benign, but no other version has triggered this warning. Any reason for an Adk DLL Wrapper?
  8. More and more of the downloads in the Texts section of on my favorite public domain site,, are only available as EXE files. I understand many of these have been created by torrent2exe, which makes downloading easier for those without BitTorrent installed. I am cautious about downloading and running EXE files, because of the possible risks of malware and virus. How do others view these risks? I have BitTorrent Plus installed. Does this provide me any protection? Thanks