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Found 6 results

  1. I had to reinstall windows and I have lost my BitTorrent Pro. How do I resubmit the cleverbridge reference number now that I have reinstalled bittorrent?
  2. I try to create a torrent which is no problem normally. This one is. Maybe it's because there are a lot of sub-directories. Anyway, normally Bittorrent uses like 110MB while creating this torrent the memory use seems to grow exponentinal and the latest number before crashing is 1.3GB of memory use. It says it wants to reserve another 33GB and I've only got 24GB I attached the dump file and if it went well there should be some error reports send by bittorrent as well. If there is a beta I can try using the same files let me know and I'll test it. Or if there is something else I can try I'm happy to hear. For me this seems like a big memory leak (bug) and don't think settings will change anything for now. I'm running Windows 10 build 15063.296 and like I said, have 24GB of memory. Keep up the good work! 43581-bittorrent.64a7.dmp edit: I found out there were Russian symbols as folder name (Новая папка) and an extended dash symbol. I removed these but still same problem
  3. Hello, I'm from Russia, but I suppose I'll be able to describe the problem I have. A while ago I turned off the notifications (and the sound of them) of BitTorrent's finished downloads in the Settings menu of Windows 10 (you know, where you can edit the apps that show notifications, look at the screenshot) and now when I want to turn it on, the icon of BitTorrent is gone. I talked with Windows support, but they said something's wrong with my client. I updated it, but the problem still appears. What should I do?
  4. Hi, I've just installed Windows 10 and went to install Client. I get the "this app won't run on your PC" message. There's no "unblock" option when right-clicking the installer. It happens as soon as I try to run it. I'm sure there's an easy fix, I tried searching your forums, but none had this specific issue (that I could find) Google had a bunch or random responses too, not all for Windows 10... Thanks!
  5. When I open a .torrent in uTorrent, I can see activity in the status bar, but nothing in the job list. The side bar shows all 0s (Downloading, Seeding, Completed, Inactive). If I try to re-open the .torrent, I get the message, 'The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents.' I am on Version 3.4.6, build 42094.
  6. I am currently on version 2.2.7 and frequently get notification of a newer version, but when clicking on the Install Upgrade button I always receive the message: "There was a problem downloading the update for BitTorrent Sync. Please try later or visit Sorry for the inconvenience." Anyone have an idea if this is really a BitTorrent issue, or something to do with my PC (windows 10, firewall, or anti-virus etc) ? Thanks.