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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'm not able to install the client once for all. Each time, I'm closing it, I can't find it installed anywhere. I thus install it again, as an admin, it's working fine, and once close, it's not anywhere. I tried to install the uTorrent client, and it's the same. What shall I do? Regards. St-mich
  2. So I downloaded bittorrent today and accidentally left the Yahoo thing on. Google Chrome had yahoo open on startup, I fixed that. But Chrome looks different now. Is this just an update to Chrome or did I download something? If so how do i get rid of it. I can't find any search things in my control panel and all my extensions are regular. I reinstalled Chrome but it's still there.
  3. I suggest to creating a feature that prevent Windows to shutdown until the BitTorrent process is totally closed, to prevent reanalyzing data every time we turn the PC on again. Someone could say: "Close program yourself before shutting down PC". But the situation is that my PC is family-shared (laughs), and they do not know how to deal with closing BitTorrent before shutdown. I already tried some alternatives, like execute batch file to close process before shutdown, but Windows did not handle very well with it. Thanks for your attention and I hope you understand my poor English ;D.
  4. Again, I feel like I'm missing something. I have Bleep 1.0.5571.39311 running on my Windows 7 64-bit machine. And I also have Bleep 0.23.514 running on my Samsung Galaxy S4 From the windows client, the menu says to add a new device I open the android client and select "I have an account" I've looked high and low, I cannot find any option anywhere to scan my private key as a QRcode to link my android installation to my account. I tried scanning it using the add friend feature but I keep getting an error saying it can't read the code, which makes sense since it's a different kind of code. The Android client even has a page that displays the code to allow me to add another device...but again I cannot find a place that says "I have an account" anywhere in the menu structure. :/ What am I missing? -Mike
  5. Hello! How I can load huge torrent file? 25 MB. Example: [REMOVED] Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit BT 7.9.3 (bulid 40299) And This magnet link does not work: 400 GB magnet:[REMOVED]
  6. When getting a whisper on the windows client, you can make a screenshot with full text and the contact infos. That´s not as it´s supposed to be, is it?
  7. (I'm using Windows 7) The Windows PC version of Bleep is severely lacking of both features and common messenger functionality, among many other annoyances. 1. Closing Bleep in Windows demands the user right-clicking Bleep in the taskbar and choosing 'Quit' in the context menu. X-ing out minimizes Bleep, and choosing 'Close' in the taskbar's context menu only minimizes as well. While this is a poor design choice, it is unfortunately found in other programs out there. However, those programs typically include an option that allows this to be changed; X-ing out results in actually ending the program's process after selecting the option. Bleep currently does not contain such an option in the Windows version. 2. In fact, Bleep for Windows lacks nearly every option you'd commonly find in any messenger. There's no options for sound or visual notifications, no font options, nothing. Just sections meant for sharing Bleep with other people. 3. The Windows version currently lacks some key features that I know the Android version has. I tested Bleep with a friend. I was on Windows, my friend was on Android. While my friend was able to send images and whisper, my updated Windows version of Bleep lacked either of those features. 4. As of this post, the Android version does not have the "I have an account" option upon initial install. So those who use Bleep on other platforms and would like to have the same account on an Android device are out of luck. I see the devs have temporarily removed this feature for Android and I presume they're working on it. 5. Bleep for Windows uses Microsoft's ClickOnce installer, which does not give the user a choice on where to install, instead choosing a place buried in AppData. I don't know why anyone of BitTorrent's caliber would force this inconvenience onto users. Bleep is obviously in a beta stage, yet nowhere in the press or on BitTorrent's blog did I see "beta" ever mentioned in association with Bleep. This is misleading. It should be clearly stated that Bleep is in beta, and which features are missing on which platforms. This would preferably be shown on Bleep's download page. This post is whiny, I know. I'm doing this only because I want Bleep to be great. I absolutely love the concept, truly! I want Bleep to succeed; I want to use Bleep with my friends. Let me know if I somehow missed things like any options that pertain to my complaints.
  8. So once there is a whisper from a mobile client to a desktop client, the images are cached into the appdata folder into appdata/roaming/bleep/cache. First off why are these being cached at all as they should be getting removed after the period of dissolution and not actually saved on the local storage at all. Secondly are these images in encrypted formats because I feel like people might just crack this stuff open. Feed back from devs would be great.
  9. When installing on Windows, the installer does not allow the user to choose where to install Bleep. It installs into AppData in Windows 7, which I'd rather it didn't. I think many users would appreciate the option of installing Bleep where they'd like.
  10. Why does Bleep requires administrative rights for installation in Windows? Is it because it installs into Users folder? How can I specify the installation folder? Or it will ask me about it? Thing is, I rejected when it asked me about granting administrative rights, so I don't know what happens next. Anyway, main question is: why does it requires administrative rights and is there a way to install it "portable", that it will not require them? Or is there any other reason to require that rights? My OS is: Windows 8.1
  11. I've noticed that my messages are not shown to me on my other devices. Say I for example start a conversation on my PC and then continues on my phone. Then I can see (at least if the client was active on my phone the whole time) all of my partners messages on my phone, but non of the messages that I sent from my PC. This needs to be fixed for Bleep to be used as a daily messaging service.
  12. BitTorrent Resumen Dejó de responder y se cerró Fecha ‎27/‎03/‎2014 03:23 p.m. Estado No reportado Descripción Este programa dejó de interactuar con Windows por un problema. Ruta de acceso de la aplicación con errores: C:\Users\tony\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent\BitTorrent.exe Firma del problema Nombre de evento de problema: AppHangB1 Nombre de aplicación: BitTorrent.exe Versión de la aplicación: Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 531f96c0 Firma de bloqueo: 40d4 Tipo de bloqueo: 134218245 Versión del sistema operativo: 6.3.9600. Id. de configuración regional: 10250 Firma adicional de bloqueo 1: 40d43128776a6abfefd09ee95fdc515b Firma adicional de bloqueo 2: cb39 Firma adicional de bloqueo 3: cb3994ccdfd427c5a572a9bd73f18afd Firma adicional de bloqueo 4: 40d4 Firma adicional de bloqueo 5: 40d43128776a6abfefd09ee95fdc515b Firma adicional de bloqueo 6: cb39 Firma adicional de bloqueo 7: cb3994ccdfd427c5a572a9bd73f18afd