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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm not able to install the client once for all. Each time, I'm closing it, I can't find it installed anywhere. I thus install it again, as an admin, it's working fine, and once close, it's not anywhere. I tried to install the uTorrent client, and it's the same. What shall I do? Regards. St-mich
  2. Hi, I did a clean install of windows 10 because my PC was having issues but after reinstalling BitTorrent my activation code, for the Add free version, isn't working. I just keep getting a pop up saying "Key validation failed". Can someone please help me?.
  3. So I downloaded bittorrent today and accidentally left the Yahoo thing on. Google Chrome had yahoo open on startup, I fixed that. But Chrome looks different now. Is this just an update to Chrome or did I download something? If so how do i get rid of it. I can't find any search things in my control panel and all my extensions are regular. I reinstalled Chrome but it's still there.
  4. I suggest to creating a feature that prevent Windows to shutdown until the BitTorrent process is totally closed, to prevent reanalyzing data every time we turn the PC on again. Someone could say: "Close program yourself before shutting down PC". But the situation is that my PC is family-shared (laughs), and they do not know how to deal with closing BitTorrent before shutdown. I already tried some alternatives, like execute batch file to close process before shutdown, but Windows did not handle very well with it. Thanks for your attention and I hope you understand my poor English ;D.
  5. Hello! How I can load huge torrent file? 25 MB. Example: [REMOVED] Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit BT 7.9.3 (bulid 40299) And This magnet link does not work: 400 GB magnet:[REMOVED]
  6. BitTorrent Resumen Dejó de responder y se cerró Fecha ‎27/‎03/‎2014 03:23 p.m. Estado No reportado Descripción Este programa dejó de interactuar con Windows por un problema. Ruta de acceso de la aplicación con errores: C:\Users\tony\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent\BitTorrent.exe Firma del problema Nombre de evento de problema: AppHangB1 Nombre de aplicación: BitTorrent.exe Versión de la aplicación: Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 531f96c0 Firma de bloqueo: 40d4 Tipo de bloqueo: 134218245 Versión del sistema operativo: 6.3.9600. Id. de configuración regional: 10250 Firma adicional de bloqueo 1: 40d43128776a6abfefd09ee95fdc515b Firma adicional de bloqueo 2: cb39 Firma adicional de bloqueo 3: cb3994ccdfd427c5a572a9bd73f18afd Firma adicional de bloqueo 4: 40d4 Firma adicional de bloqueo 5: 40d43128776a6abfefd09ee95fdc515b Firma adicional de bloqueo 6: cb39 Firma adicional de bloqueo 7: cb3994ccdfd427c5a572a9bd73f18afd