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Function Question please


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Excuse me please.

Just to understand the proper function of this software:

I am using the RO functionality; backing up a PC's file(s) to a remote PC(s).

Origin client with files x, y, z; contained in a folder designated as RO with a RO Secret.

Remote client running with the RO Secret, destination folder structure identical to Origin client.

Noting file updated on Origin client @ 21:40, yet the identical file on Remote client still has not reflected the updated file hours later.

To force the backup, I deleted the Remote client's file, and hours later, the Origin file still has not shown up.

Am I expecting too much? Is my understanding of the functionality of this software sckewed?

I do realize this is still in "alpha" but is not the basic functionality one of file copy origin to destination(s)?

Have I detailed the problem adequately? if not, please ask of me additional questions that I may clarify.

Thank you for your time in responding.


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