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Error: Cannot find system files


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Bittorrent 7.8 the newest one has been starting to say recently that the system cannot find the path specified. It has been happening to stuff I downloaded before and it should not happen to that stuff. Is there any way I can prevent that from hapening without deleting my statistics and my torrent list because right now I am seeding torrents to people so I dont want to lose the seed. I also need to know if I need to upload something for you guys to see. Sorry, I am new to this forum so I dont want to cause any trouble. So if anyone can help me I can greatly appreciate it!

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I've had that happen too. I download to an external hard drive and when I disconnect the hd from the computer while BitTorrent is running, the status window turns red and gives the bad path note.

But then I reconnect the external hd to the computer I move the cursor into the left hand summary colomn, I right click and highlight all the torrents on the Bittorrent interface, then I select "Force a Recheck" from the drop menu. The interface will then "oh so slowly" recheck each of the torrents and and bring them back on line, but with a "Finished" status.

I once again move the cursor to the left hand Summary colomn and highlight all the torrents and I select "Start" from the menu. All the torrents status windows will turn green and active again and start to seed again.

Hope I read your question right.

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