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Delta sync / block copy scenario


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I'm thinking of using Bittorrent sync for a task I currently am trialling DeltaCopy for, but want to know whether it'll work for a particular use. I haven't had the chance to test this, so hopefully someone can guide me.


- 500GB Truecrypt partition stored on drive in one country

- Sync to identical 500GB TC partition stored in other country

- 10kB/s speeds between them; syncing the entire thing would take months (during which there is an incomplete unusable backup at the secondary site)

- Primary copy is updated frequently. Secondary copy was last synced (by direct-copying the entire file) last year

- File size will be identical. File stamps may be different. Around 3% of the blocks may be different (due to changes in files inside the TC container)

My question is whether I can use BitTorrent sync to sync these two files. My main concern, is that the file was direct-copied, not created by an initial sync with Bittorrent sync. If I drop two files with identical names, sizes, but from different 'providence", if you like, will BTS say "OK, I don't remember that file, I'll just overwrite it and start from scratch", or will it go "OK, looks about right, let's do block hashing, figure out what's different, and sync just the different blocks"?

Many thanks!


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