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I have two issues:

1. When files are done downloading they are automatically removed from BT so I have to go to the download folder to see what all has finished. They did not always do this, but I can't seem to get them to stay.

2. When files finish, even when the torrent is still going, I can not open them by double clicking like I did in Windows. I have to right click and choose "Show in Finder," then go to that folder, then click on the file every time I want to listen to a song or something. It is super annoying.

BONUS: Does anyone know if the torrents are automatically deleted when the file is automatically removed, or do they go to a mysterious location? My seeding ratio is crazy but I can't find any of the original torrent files. I know seeding is the only way torrents work but if they are hiding them so I have to seed this seems kind of bossy :( I don't necessarily want to have certain files left to be happened upon later on my computer, like americandadxxxpornparody.torrent, if you know what I mean, LOL! They pretty much nailed the humour. GET IT? Inappropriate puns aside, any help would be appreciated.

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