Moving downloads without stopping uploads.

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After downloading files into my assigned folder, I wish to move them so they are better classified in my system.  However, doing so breaks the link from my computer stopping me uploading those files to others.  Is there a way to move files without breaking the upload capability?

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Thank you.  I just found some details about your suggested solution at http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/1000-move-files/?hl=%2Bmoving+%2Bfiles#entry3112  I have been able to change the assigned location and the seed started again, which is what I was looking for.  It is clear from that thread that there is a need for batch transfers as suggested there, as opposed to having to reset each file individually.  Absent that, though, I can now resume my seeding after moving the files.

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Or you could do what I do ... let BT move the torrent files from (X:\Torrents active) to a new dir on completion (X:\Torrents backup), and move the files from the dowload dir (X:\Downloading) to wherever you want (X:\My dir for stuff).


If you want to seed them: move (or copy) the file(s) back to X:\Downloading; reload the torrent (force re-check if necessary), sorted!


The biggest problem is the other rubbish (samples, .nfo, .txt, other stuff) that people normally delete. I know it is counter-intuitive, but moving it back and reloading the torrent will see the main files (or should after a forced re-check) and any other rubbish can be quickly downloaded.


Alternatively, when you start the download, put the correct directory in the screen that comes up before the .torrent starts ... my documentaries, tv shows etc. are all in different dirs, clicking the drop down, or typing it in, is easy and much quicker than all that moving around - I still use my method though - it works, gives me full control, allows me to check at every stage, takes away a possible problem when BT does something unexpected on updates etc. and, if something goes wrong, I know it is not BT that did it!


I have thousands of torrent files stored in case I need to redo/reseed them (and that's just since mid-2010!)

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