Mac says 'couldn't install bittorrent application'

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Hi there,


Bitorrent installer goes through the process, has me agree to terms then seemingly downloads until a little box pops up and tells me 'couldn't install bittorrent application.' But a larger box says the installation was successful, even though it was not


Then chrome shuts down and restarts and my default browser search engine setting becomes yahoo. 


What gives?



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Im finding the same problem... What gives, does it have anything to do with Mavericks? as i've tried to install on my iMac and also my Macbook Air and both are giving me the same answer!!





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I've got the exact same issue. I think the installer is having trouble getting along with Mavericks...


From other posts, I see that existing BT installs still work fine after the upgrade, but the installer itself doesn't seem to be functioning properly on Mavericks. Looks like the BT developers need to handle this one.

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