New Install Of Windows 8 And Bittorrent And Trouble Ever Since

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A new install of Windows 8 and Bit Torrent is causing problems.

previously downloading from Pirate Bay was simple. Selecter the torrent and BitTorrent open up and did its job perfectly.

Now BitTorrent doesn't start but loads of other things start to get offered for download. How do I stop there being offered?





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Are the popups in your web browser? If so, it's the fault of the website you're using, your browser or a plugin in your browser. Not BitTorrent

Thanks Harold.

I can see your point.

It looks like I am not using the Pirate Bay site that I used before but some clone that is forcing their own download manager and whatever else - who knows - on the user. I will wave another look at the correct alternative site.

Thanks again

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