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It Just Shows Up


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So I installed Utorrent a few weeks ago. Yesterday I saw that bittorrent was at the top of my programs list when i went to uninstall utorrent. So i uninstalled utorrent and went to do bittorrent too, but it said i have insufficient permissions to do so. So i figured i would install bittorent since it was probably just a corrupted file that came with utorrent. I installed it and uninstalled it and all was good. Today i turn my computer on to find its still in my programs list even though it wasnt last night when i turned off my computer. Windows Security Essentials says theres nothing wrong, and i cant find any mention of bittorrent in my c or e drives, they are my only drives. I believe its either a virus or trojan of some sort, or you guys need to fix it.


P.S. when it says bittorrent is installed even though it isnt, theres no purple icon next to it like it should be, and my internet connection is extremely slow.

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There is no tray icon, no installation folder, no start menu thing, no nothing. I cant find it in either of my hard drives, and i dont have any flash drives. The only mention of it at all in the entire computer is in the programs list. And even there there isnt the usual purple icon next the its entry. Just the grey icon of something that was uninstalled manually and hasnt been updated in the programs list. When i go to uninstall it from there it says i have insufficient permissions to do so even though im the only profile on the computer and i have full admin power over everything. I think it might be some sort of spamware or malware or virus or some other type of ware. I just want to be able to restart my computer without it showing up.

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Well sh*t, I installed regular bittorrent because I actually used it, and didn't uninstall because I thought it might fix the problem.

Just turned on my computer and checked the programs list...the unknown version is still there!

Now there are two entries, one that has a purple symbol next to it like it's supposed to, and one that doesn't.

The one that is supposed to be there is version

And the one that isn't supposed to be there is version

Please do something! I know it isn't your guys fault, but I feel you can at least help a little bit.

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