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Since Update Bittorrent Crashes

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Hello there. Since I updated Bittorrent to version 7.9 it crashes randomly.

"Error: Out of memory" and then "Bittorrent Dump File couldnt be created"

Before when I used version 7.8 it never crashed. Not even one time.

Any clues?

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These ones are checked:

- Reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed

- Enable caching of disk writes

- write out untouched blocks every 2 min

- write out finished pieces immediately

- enable caching of disk reads

- turn off caching if the upload speed is too low

- remove old blocks from the cache


Advanced Options:

- diskio.cache_reduce_minutes 9

- diskio.cache_stripe 128


(I never changed these settings. They are still the original, first installed, settings.)

--- So I wonder why I have problems now, cause previous version always worked fine

Using Win 7 64bit, Memory 8GB, Hard Drive 500GB.


And by the way: Maybe I was mistaken about the Dump file. ".dmp" <-- is this the dump file? I found 4 in Bittorrent Appdata (Crash happened 3 or 4 times I think)

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No clues? Thas a pity. I liked Bittorrent. It happend again ~5x today "Windows has no memory left. Could create 52893985 bites" blabla.

But There is 6 GB Ram unused. I dont know why Bittorrent crashes and reports a non-existing error.

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