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Job State Forgotten

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1.  I queued up roughly 20 jobs.  They all were pointing at an existing ~10gb file that they were going to check and then repair any incomplete pieces on.

2.  They were all started.    

3.  Each job(except for 1) was in a state of "Checking 0%" while they waited for their turn to do their check.  The process of checking a file takes 10-20 minutes, so the queue takes a long time to complete.

4.  The app was behaving strangely so i closed it. (for description of strangeness see: )

5.  I reopened the app 

6.  Any files that were presently downloading were resumed.  Files that were in a 'Checking' state came up as Stopped.


There's obviously the minor inconvenience of having to start the ones that didn't resume their state.  Though, there's a heftier problem.  

  • We cannot Force-Check a job that's started.  
  • We cannot start a job that's checking (if you tell it to start it will still go into a Stopped state when it's done checking)

This means that in order to get back into your prior state, you'll need to begin a Force-Check on each job and then wait until they're done checking in order to start them.  in the case where the files are stored on a network drive the checking process will take 20 minutes per file.


It would be nice to alter one of the rules i bulleted above so that a job can be Started AND Checking without having to delete and re-add the job.

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