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Bittorrent Wants To Rollback Install

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Ok, this has been bugging me for a week now.

I had a bittorrent update, likely 7.8 build 29626 and it worked just as it always did at first. The next day I clicked on a link and instead of the usual client window opening up to run the torrent, there was an install window. Whatever, just an update. Finished it and back to business as usual. Whenever bittorrent was completely closed, magnet links or torrents always open an install window for 7.8 build 29626. My bittorent client is currently 7.9.1 build 30889 32-bit and the install window still pops up each time for 7.8. Work around requires that I open bittorrent before using links, but for some reason I check preferences and it always has the "start bittorrent on startup" box checked. I do not know why it keeps doing that, I uncheck and apply that preference every time.

Running Win 7, 64bit

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Just an idea but, go to some torrent file -> rmb -> open with.. -> look for another application on your computer -> find and select your bittorrent.exe (which you using to start your 7.9.1 version client). 

Issue is that bittorrent probably does not delete previous client data or something, I had no issue with torrent files in my case but all my shourtcuts had to be replaced cause torrent changed its install location or something.

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