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"error: The System Cannot Find The File Specified."

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Kind of a newb question here so excuse me ahead of time.... lol


I'm trying to allow the things I've downloaded to continue seeding but if I change the name of the download destination's file, it turns the seeding banner red on the client (7.9.1) and displays "Error: The system cannotblahblahblah".


Obviously, I can ensure I have my destination folders setup and named to how I want them beforehand but how can I fix this problem after downloading but continue seeding and contributing? =)


I also notice that it asks me to re-check these files. However, when I right click and do this, it goes into downloading again, which is not what I want.


- J

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You can't move the files around without telling BitTorrent that you've moved them.

You need to either use the set download location function (if you've moved them all as a group without renaming files) or the relocate function on the files tab (if you've renamed files or moved them to be in a different folder layout than they were downloaded in).

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