Download Speed?

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you mean bittorrent sync or normal bittorrent?

downloadspeed varies because of the server.

if you test your speed with some speedtest-website, then dont expect every download to always be that fast, regardless of protocoll or server :)

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I get lightning fast speeds on regular bit torrent...single download will hit 4.5mg/sec. I have hybrid fiber cable. I noticed that if I set upload speed to anything but unlimited, the speed cuts in half... always set to unlimited and bandwidth to high. Even when I had regular high speed cable, I would hit 600kb/sec like that.  I download whole seasons of shows in 10 minutes or so. Very nice.

9.6mb/s would be crazy fast.....not that mine isn't. I don't expect that speed and won't do the speed test because it will automatically change some settings for you and I'm happy with my settings which are pretty much stock settings.

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