Recover Magnets After Bittorrent Crash?

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My computer froze up and crashed the other day, and it seems several open programs were affected when I had to force quit. I'm running BT 7.9.2 on win server 2008 R2.


All my torrents disappeared from the list. Hundreds of torrents still in appdata folder. Seems my backup routine overwrote the folder as it existed at the time of the crash though.


Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Did the .torrent files for those magnets get deleted?

If not, reload them from the appdata folder or the original link (make sure to wait for the file list) and then point BitTorrent at your existing files (partial or otherwise for the torrent)

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Thanks for the reply.


No, the .torrent files are still in the appdata folder. Going to the original links would be prohibitive, as there are literally hundreds. Some are from torrents I've removed, but that's not a problem. How do I reload them?


Another related question this evokes: Most of the torrents I've downloaded in recent times are from magnets, but I've never fully understood them. I thought magnets did away with .torrent files. Are all these .torrent files in appdata from earlier times, or did the magnets leave these as well. If there's no .torrent files from magnets, are these line items lost unless I go back to the original links, or is there still at least a record of them, or way to recover them?



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