I Have Bought Utorrent Pro For Android 4 Months Ago, But Google Play Ask Me To Buy It Again Now!

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I have bought your uTorrent Pro application for Android and used it about 4 months on my tablet. Then I did reset my tablet to factory defaults and after that I installed all apps again. But I was surprised that uTorrent Pro is not in a list of my applications. Google Play asks me to buy this app again! Please fix that problem!


My be you system has a problem because I had 2 transactions in the same day to buy this app. One of them has used one VISA card (which did not have money). After that I used another VISA card, which had money and app was bought.


So please fix that problem. I do not want to buy this app again!




I have written emails to BitTorrent Inc from Google Wallet, from my personal email, but I have not got any feedbacks!

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Yes, of course. The same account. And from this account I have opened Google Wallet and can see line with paid order.


µTorrent® Pro (µTorrent® - Torrent App) Ad-free version of µTorrent® app for an enhanced torrenting experience


Price: 30,35 ₴


Transaction number is 12999763169054705758.1325675227759027.

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