Sync As Backup Without Possible Deletion

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This isn't technically a big issue and I have already worked out a sort of workaround.  I have not read enough in the Forums to be more than a 'n00b' at best.  From what I have read, though, there may be a setting that can be changed to produce the results without all the effort I now use.  

The intent is to build an increasing data store on a system through the use of multiple syncs to the Main.


The problem was when people deleted anything on their own end, it also deleted on the Main end,

It sync'ed which is what it should do but not quite what we needed.    


Is there a way that I can use BTS by itself to create an archive whose files cannot get deleted?  Currently I am doing a daily backup of each folder which adds any new material from each sync to another folder but never delete things that are gone.  


While this is using BTSync for something it was not intended to do, I think I read in one post that changes to a certain file (making it a value of zero?) might disable the deletion?  If done in that way, would subsequent syncs with another or the same file with the same name create extra copies?

  As in:

''    and '' ,    '' etc?


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1) You've posted in the wrong forum - BitTorrent Sync is a different product to the BitTorrent Client

2) The behavior you desire has been requested in the Sync Feature Request forum in this topic. Consider adding to the conversation there.

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